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Finding Fiction for you!

When you think about what you like to read, what words come to your mind?

Some examples of words that you might use to help you find a great book, are: holidays, mystery, sports, pets. Or, you can get even more specific, because sometimes you don't want to read a story about holidays, you want to read a story about Halloween! Go ahead, type in a word in the search bar at the top of the page! Or, click your age bracket (Age 0-8, Age 9-12, or Teen) and select one of the options under I'm in the mood for... Try it out and see what you find!
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The Side Bar - Recommended Reads Lists

Select your age bracket, and a heading that grabs your interest, and find lists of books that are just right for your reading level.

Click on the cube for your age and browse the different genres of books to find what's right for you!

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Other Fun Features!

Watch this video to learn more about using NoveList K-8!

NoveList K 8 Tutorial

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Happy Reading!