adversities Are ..

By Isha Singal

“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Carry on

Compare and Contrast

Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton had a special bond between them and they had many similarities in their lives. But they were also different in many ways. They were both alike because they had many adversities in their lives such as having physical disabilities. They both were on the wrestling team at their school in Cleveland, Ohio, a city in Ohio. They both did not have the best education because they did not have anyone to support them or to motivate them. They were not in the best neighborhood to encourage them to work hard and pursue their dreams. They did not have anyone to support them. They had different handicaps and they both had no family support. They were different because they both had different impairments in their lives. For example, Datanyon was blind from birth but on the flip side, Leroy’s legs were crushed under a slow moving freight train that contained goods. Another example of how they were different is that Leroy had many trust issues, he couldn’t trust anyone but Datanyon could trust people but that he did not have anyone to share that bond with. Once their lives were put back into place by a woman named Lisa Feern, Leroy decides to excel in video game designing, on the other side Datanyon wanted to excel in sports. Leroy wanted to have a stable family while Datanyon wanted to focus on his sports career which is Judo. He went on and won a bronze medal in the Paralympics Olympic Games. Even though they moved on to do different things they still thought of each other as a special family and had a very strong bond with each other.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robison is a prime example of someone who had perservernece. He was the first black athlete to play baseball and he and to talk a lot of discouragement. He not only didn't have a team support him. The only support that he had except his choch named Branch Rickey the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943.He solved this problem by staying clam and taking the discouragement.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Cause Effect the out come is that of Eleanor Roosevelt was very self conscious and afraid of making mistakes. There were many thing that caused that to happen. For example she was only loved by her father and she felt very neglected by her own mother. She felt has if she was not good enough for her mother's attention because she did not give her any importance. Her mother neglected her and was very disappointed in Eleanor Roosevelt being alive she was so self conceded that she did not hind the fact that she wanted a boy. The last cause is that she lost mother, father and her older brother in the span of 18 month. Her father died of alcohol, her mother due to painfully headaches and her brother to Diphtheria.

The Noble Experiment


The Noble experiment was an experiment that was conducted by Branch Rickey, who was the President of Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943. He did this because he felt that it was about time that blacks were to have the same rights as whites in baseball. Also, because he had never forgotten the prof a black player who was on his team when they were in South Bend, Indiana. He then took his case before the directors of the club, and used persuasive eloquence to allow him to recruit a black player for their team.This Player had to be one who could take abuse, name-calling, rejection by fans and sportswriters and by fellow players not only on opposing teams but on his own.After that he went to different countries such as, Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, where dark-skinned people lived.Lastly he found Jackie Robinson and he tested his will and hired him in the major leagues for 600 hundred salary.They won their goal and also, going forward,black players are allowed to play in major league baseball.

Pep Talk


This video is a motivational video because it inspires you to make everyday count in your life . His main message in this video is to stimulate you to make something with your life. This video also means that there are going to be tough times in your life and that is when we need to brush it off and get back up on our feet. I think that is when you need the most amount of motivation. Another thing that he talks about in the video is that we are all on the same team and that we should act like that. He also mentioned that Michael Jordan didn't quit even though he did not make it to the school basketball team in high school. He is reiterating the importance of perseverance and the importance of not giving up on your dreams because one thing that did not go your way. He also mentions that life is not exactly going to be the way you want it to be. These are the reasons I think it is a good motivational video. When a person is stuck in a situation and if they see this video they will see that they can solve their problem by not giving up. I think that is very important for a motivational video.