Thank You Students and Teachers!

When the 2020-2021 school year began, we were faced with much trepidation. Despite the many unknowns, the VCS Media Department got busy. We worked to be sure that our students could choose the books they wished to read while ensuring their safety. Our circulation statistics show that our students continued to dive into books with the enthusiasm we are accustomed to. We are proud of our students and thank them for their continued resolve.

Without the hard work of our teachers, none of this would have been possible. We are a community of readers with a group of educators who put students first. Truly an inspiring year.

We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 school year, a year that is sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

National Poetry Month - April

The month of April gave us much to celebrate! We focused on the power of poetry and novels written in verse. This is a popular genre for students at the high school, and we were encouraged by their enthusiasm to embrace the work of a diverse group of authors!
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Rex Ogle's Free Lunch a Hit!

A group of teachers and administrators across the district held a book study on Rex Ogle's book Free Lunch, a memoir focusing on his 6th-grade experience on the free lunch program. The book has been circulating among our students and provided an opportunity to encourage empathy and learn the power of resiliency. We look forward to reading the sequel, Punching Bag, where Rex shares his high school experience with us. Punching Bag is due for release in October of 2021.

For more information about Rex Ogle's work, please visit his website:

Click on the picture below for a summary of Free Lunch!


VHS students were given the opportunity to peruse books written in verse by authors who represent #ownvoices, writers that celebrate marginalized groups through stories of hope.
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Breaking Out in the VHS Media Center!

Freshmen resource classes have been engaged in a breakout activity in the media center! In the span of 40 minutes, they frantically tried to beat the clock and solve all of the puzzles to reveal 6 lock combinations! There was so much laughter filling the media center as the students reacted to opening a lock, failing to open a lock, and finding a hidden gem! The theme? RESPONSIBLE SMARTPHONE AND SOCIAL MEDIA USE!
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Mr. Marolf's class brought home the win with the fastest BREAKOUT time!

Through cooperation and quick thinking, freshmen Gwen Clifford, Corrin Flick, Carson Hamilton, and Alyssa Peo earned bragging rights as the quickest team to reveal the codes and break all of the locks! Well done!
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TJMS and BFMS announce "A read-together event"

Ms. Hurley's Virtual Media Center! Coming Summer 2021! Stay Tuned for more information!

Ms. Hurley is developing a Virtual Media Center for students to access throughout the summer months. This tool will offer a variety of resources, including author videos, links to reading options, makerspace options (like 3D LEGO building!), and more. Once finished, the resource can be accessed via each middle school's media center website page and will also be featured on each school's Destiny Discover home page.
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May the 4th Be With You!

Star Wars Day Celebrations! Both of our middle schools celebrated Star Wars Day. BF hosted in-person movie-watching and activities, while TJ offered virtual activities for students. May the 4th Be With You offers such a great way to showcase the power of stories.
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BFMS 6th Grade Creative Writing Group Working Hard!

Well done to the sixth-grade students who have joined Mrs. Hommes and Ms. Hurley in the media center for a newly formed creative writing group. Students have read a passage "as a writer," shared their own writing with peers, and also completed several writing prompts.
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TJMS Welcomes Maria Koehn - Media Aide!

Mrs. Koehn comes to us from Cooks Corners and is a familiar addition to the TJ family. (She and Linda Hummel worked together about 20 years ago; in addition, many of our students recognize Mrs. Koehn from elementary school and summer camp!)
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Jason Reynolds - National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature for 2020-2021

Please explore the link below to get to know one of my favorite young adult authors, Mr. Jason Reynolds. The Library of Congress recognized him by naming him the 2020-2021 National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. The link below will take you to his "Write. Right. Rite" series that includes the video series "GRAB THE MIC. Tell Your Story." I am confident that you will learn to appreciate him as much as I do. We have many of his books in the media center, so stop in and check them out!

Mrs. Arthur