Fantastic 5th

Published By;) Briahna H., Anistyn C., Solomon W., Drew M.

Find The Face

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Humor Hour

What did the mother say to the father when their son fell down the stairs? "Oh look honey, our son is taking his first 23 steps!"

How To Torment The Pizza Guy

1. Ask for the crust on top this time.

2. Ask if you get to keep the pizza box when your done. When they say yes, act very relieved.

3. Pretend you know the person on the phone from somewhere. Say something like, "Hey, your voice sounds familiar... I think we went to bed-wetters camp together about five years ago.

4. Make the first topping you order pepperoni. Just before you hang up, say, "Remember------no pepperoni, please!" Don't wait for a response.

5. If the person on the other end gets annoyed with you, say, "The last guy let me do it!"

Class Gallery

What's Coming

We are having a field trip on April 10th!

Royal Riddles

Think of a number 1-10 (all numbers will work but those numbers are easiest) Double that number. Add 10. Half it. Then subtract it by the number you started with. (Go down to the Royal Riddles Answers box)

First, think of the color of clouds. Now think of the color of snow. Think of the color of a bright full moon. Now answer quickly, what do cows drink? (Stick with your answer and go to the Royal Riddles Answers box.)

What gets bigger the more you take away from it?

Happy Birthday to Me

Big picture
Isabell Sanders January 20 Gabby Gipson December 15 Caroline Ham February 9

Kara Wilson December 19 Kamden Rigsby January 5 Kyleigh Smith February 14

Tahjire Graham December 22 Anna Stanley January 25

Ava Mosley December 27 Isabell Sanders January 20 Kamden Rigsby January 5

Anna Stanley January 25 Caroline Ham February 9 Kyleigh Smith February 14

Kyle Becker February 2 Jocelyn Wheeler February 14 Briahna Higgins February 4

Drew McLellan February 4

Royal Riddle Answers

I bet that your answer is 5.

No, cows drink water! (If you said water in the first place, great job!!)

A hole!

Student Spotlight

Bella Cron is moving higher in the Grandparent of the Year Award!

Briahna Higgins won first place in the spelling bee here at school!

Briahna Higgins won first place in the district spelling bee! Now she be moving on to the state spelling bee!

Solomon earned his blue belt in karate!

Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this tri-month newsletter. It should have been one, two at the most, we are sorry for the inconvenience . Thank you for your patience and we hope you have a nice day.

~Sincerely, Solomon, Drew, Briahna, and Anistyn :)