5th Grade Warriors

We are proud! We are Winfield! We are WARRIORS!

October 17th - 20th


Last week the students began working in their book club groups. They are already doing great work and I love seeing and hearing the excitement they have to discuss their books. This week they will continue working and learning together. We will be learning how strong readers carry their ideas and theories about a book with them as they read further. We will also introduce the art of debate! Students will get to debate thoughts in a productive and structured way. This will begin the process of teaching them how to support their ideas and opinions with evidence from the text.


Last week the students were generating new personal narrative stories every day using a bunch of new strategies. This week the students will continue to grow new ideas and new stories, while keeping in mind their point of view. They will practice using descriptive details, and even some imagination to bring these small moments back to life.

An easy way to help your child without their realizing it, is to simply ask them questions while they are telling you stories about their day.

- How did that make you feel?

- What was going through your mind?

- Why do you think that happened?

The more they think about these things, the more they will naturally add them to their writing!


We will continue to practice solving division problems with 3 and 4 digit dividends and 2 digit divisors. We will then put division and multiplication together for review. We will take an assessment over both division and multiplication before our fall break begins. Keep working with your child on the multiplication facts!

Math Antics - Long Division with 2-Digit Divisors

Social Studies

The students have now tested their knowledge over the Midwest, Southwest, and West regions of the United States. This week we move to the South. We will test on Thursday before our Map celebration begins! The Northeast region comes next and it is our LAST region. We will be testing the entire 50 states in the first week of November.

Below is a states and capital video the students can watch.

Tour the States - Official Music Video

Veteran's Day Celebration

Friday, Nov. 11th, 8am

701 West Elm Street

Winfield, MO

It's that time of year again! We are hard at work putting together a great Veteran's Day celebration for you! We invite all Winfield family and community veterans to come and allow us to honor you this Veteran’s Day! Breakfast will be served for Veterans and their students beginning at 8:00 am in the middle school cafeteria. All veterans should meet their students at the middle school at this time. The assembly will begin at 8:45 am in the middle school gym, at which time students will re-join their regular classroom for the day. Veteran's Day forms will be sent home on October 17th & 31. Any student inviting a veteran MUST fill out and return the bottom of this form NO LATER THAN Friday, November 4 so that we may prepare appropriately for the breakfast and assembly. We look forward to honoring our veterans on November 11th!

Help bring new books to the classroom!

Last year a student from my class caught wind of this awesome program. Sunny D Book Spree is offering 20 free books to classrooms that earn 20 Sunny D special codes. Below is more information if you are interested in helping us grow our classroom library. The books they send are specifically for our grade level and they are current and popular books. It was really awesome and 20 books is a HUGE deal!
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  • October 17th and 19th - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 21st - 25th - Fall Break
  • October 20th - MAP Celebration Day
  • October 31st- Fall Party


This year I am trying out using Twitter as another way to stay connected to parents and students. If you or your child have a twitter account, feel free to follow me @MrsBathe20. Twitter also has a private messaging feature to allow another easy way to communicate with each other immediately.