An Interview With Mrs. Haley

by Rachel Schelen

What Makes Us Special Makes Us Strong

Mrs. Haley is passionate about teaching kids theatre, this much is clear with all the passion and energy she puts into teaching her theatre 1 students ( grades 9-12) about focus using games. Mrs. Haley also teaches a theatre 2 (grades 10-12) and a theatre 3/4 (grades 11-12) class where she employs different strategies based on their advanced levels, using strategies such as having the students organize a class play for theatre 3/4 and having theatre 2 students write their own ten minute plays.

Mrs. Haley graduated from Haltom High school after which she received her undergrad from Texas Women's University, after this she received a degree in theatre education from Emersons college.

Mrs. Haley been teaching for seven years, three of them at Richland, and lovingly calls herself a "Rebello" an homage to her Haltom roots. Mrs. Haley has captured the hearts of her students who couldn't imagine having anyone but her as a teacher.

Mrs. Haley continues to do great things at Richland just recently overcoming a roadblock with the schools fall show, she always believes in the students and helps them unlock their best potential.

Mrs. Haley Shares Her Passion With Everyone

Classes Taught and Grade Level

* Theatre 1 (9-12)

* Theatre 2 (10-12)

* Theatre 3/4 ( 11-12)

Classroom Environment

* Stage in the corner of the room

* A circle of chairs for the students to sit in

* Cubbies for the students to deposit their backpacks so they do not clutter up the room

*Bright posters and inspirational quotes on the walls

* Paper lanterns hung from the ceiling

Classroom Management Techniques

*Mrs. Haley explained what the class will be doing that day before they begin

* The atmosphere was kept light

* Mrs. Haley used fun games

Teaching strategies Used

* Had the students involved

* Gave lots of praise

* Involved herself with the students

* Compares the students to other classes to motivate them

Hours per week

* 70-80 hrs.

Biggest challenge

* The world today with all of the phones and media

Biggest reward

* Making a difference in peoples lives

Self-motivation needed

* 10 out of 10 so many students don't want to be in class, since this is theatre 1 many students are placed here just to satisfy their fine arts credit.

Additional observations

* Mrs. Haley really involves herself with the students, she isn't afraid to make herself look silly in order to encourage the students to participate.

* Mrs. Haley uses terms and slang that the students use in order to make herself more relatable to the students.