Survival Pack

What is needed to Survive


  • Hatchets can be used to cut shavings off of a piece of wood to start a fire.
  • Hatchets are also a source of protection againt predators.
  • If you are hurt you could cut wood to create a splint.
  • They can also be usd for hunting purposes.


  • Rope can be used to help build shelter.
  • Rope could be used to reppel down a cliff if you want to keep moving.
  • Rope can be used to make a hammock so you avoid some groung critters.
  • It can be used to make traps for hunting.


Mirrors can be used to signal passing plaines.They can be used to reflect light and start fires.They can be used to see injuries that you could not ussually see like on your back.

The Survival Pack

Its important that there is a way to start a fire in your kit.A tool to cut things is esential in a survival kit. A way to signal passing plaines is another must have in your survival kit.