"Crankey Cindy"

Sarah Golec Hour 7

There once was a bird named Cindy. Cindy was very rude and thought that you could only have friends if you were pretty. Everyday she tried to find some way to make herself pretty. Then one day she came upon a weird juice bottle by an old oak tree. It had a label on it that said, "Beauty Juice". She immediately drank the juice when she read the label. Then she started to shake! Big beautiful feathers grew on Cindy faster than you can say ka-boom! These feathers were like no other. They were bright colors that were very appealing to the eye. Cindy said, "Now that I am pretty maybe I can make some friends!" She flew to a nearby birdhouse to show off her new feathers. One of the birds, Tiffany, said, "What gorgeous feathers you have Cindy! I wish I looked like you!" Cindy replied, "Of course you do! You look like a rotten potato!" Tiffany was very offended, and flew away. Her friends followed her. "Wait! Don't leave me! I'm pretty now!" Cindy cried. None of the bird stayed with her. That day forward Cindy vowed to not care about the outside, but instead the inside. That is what truly matters.

Looks don't matter