What is cyber bullying ?

Definition of the cyberbullying

cyber bulluing is the use of digital technologies,for exemple cell phones computers ipads,emails,text messages,social network sites such,as facebook and twitter
to harass,offend,humilite,intimidate,threaten someone


1.Have you got a computer at home ? Where is it ?
2;Is it a lap top ?
3.Dou you often use socials network ?
4.Do you use the internet ?
5.have you got a Facebook account ? A Twitter account ?A instagram account ? A Snapchat account ?
6.Do you often use your comptuter at home ?
7.Are you a victim of the cyberbullying ?


When using the internet you should never :
-talk to strangers
- post embarrassing pictures
- threaten people
- give your password because is dangerous
-create fake profiles
-respond to any messages or post that threaten you

always :
protect your personnals details
-spread rumors
-talk to adults
-stand up of the victim
-preventing communication from the cyberbulling
-blocking emails adress,cell phone number and deleting them socials medias contacts
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