And The Digestive Sysyem

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Homeostasis And The Digestive System

Homeostasis means to keep your body in a stable condition. For example, you can't have your body too hot or too cold. The normal temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. If the body temperature is to low you might get hypothermia. You might feel tired and dizziness also. If the body temperature is too high you might get hyperthermia. You might have a runny nose or a sore throat. The digestive system maintains homeostasis by keeping the proper blood pressure. If you eat too much fatty foods your blood pressure rises. Some examples are french fries and hamburgers. But eating normal foods you will keep your blood pressure where it needs to be.
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Junk Food

As time moves on more and more people eat junk food. They might not know that eating junk food can be harmful. There are a lot of negatives of junk food. In a few days you might notice you gained about 10 pounds. You also might get diabetes. When you eat too much junk food such as donuts, fries, and deep-fried meals the level of glucose in your blood increases.

Cardiovascular disease is another negative of eating too much junk food. It's when your major blood vessels get jammed with all that fat inside. Then if the blood vessels get jammed your blood will have no way of getting through.

Obesity is when a person is overweight and there is a too much fat around organs. So when we eat too much junk food these all can happen to anybody