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Naviance is our career and college planning resource. Students use it to request transcripts, apply for college, practice for ACT/SAT/PLAN, request recommendations, and chart their progress to graduation. As a teacher, you will primarily use it to send student recommendations. For login help, please ask Mrs. Allyson Huntley-Morris.

Staff Handbook & Expectations

  1. Take note of important information in the Staff Handbook.
  2. Review the Technology / Social Media policies and complete the sign-off form.
  3. Create / Update your parent contact log in Google and share it with ALL administrators. Check out this template if you need an example to follow.

AESOP / Educator's Handbook / PDP


You will use AESOP to request a sub and complete required paperwork for any absences. Your login is your phone number and a 4 or 5-digit number is your PIN. For login help, please ask Ms. Sandy Verley.


Educator's Handbook

You will enter discipline referrals into Educator's Handbook. Your login is your email address and a password you created. For login help, please ask any administrator.

Educator's Handbook Login


Make sure you have completed your self-assessment and your PDP goals.

edcloud IAM Login

Doorhangers, Surveys & Websites

Getting to Know You

This station is all about getting to know you professionally and personally.

  1. Complete your door hanger information and QR code by Friday afternoon.
  2. Take our Getting to Know You Survey. We'll share the responses so you will know how best to uplift our school community as we embrace the chaos.
  3. Take any remaining time to work on or update your teacher website. Please email your website address to Tracey so it can be added to our new school webpage (even if you have shared it before).

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