April Newsletter

AIESEC in Nova

If you think that after the incredible month that was March it couldn't get any better, well you will be surprised when you see what each area has already achieved.

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LC Meeting + Dinner

On 21st of April was held the LC Meeting + Dinner which was attended by 52 people, including 5 alumni. From these, 25 members and the 5 alumni were present at the dinner.

The dinner took place at Honorato (Chiado) and was a success, allowing everyone to interact with each other. This event was marked by the presence of alumni as well as the old EB.

The month of April was marked by the entry of Joana Martins to the marketing team.

How are the areas going?


Manager PR - Sara Duarte

We keep our partnership with Nova Press with an article per month. In April we had an interview with Ana Guerra, an EP who went to Taiwan, Vietnam and China; We also keep our radio program. This month we had an interview with Sara Gouveia; Also, we are promoting AIESEC on Facebook.

Manager B2B - Ana Paula Pinheiro

One big achievement of this this month, in B2B, was the launch of the official LinkedIn page, AIESEC Lisboa NOVA. For iGCDP, I did the ATIVA booklet for attracting EPs for Lisbon. Then, I created one image to promote ATIVA in the match Facebook’s groups. For iGIP, I created one newsletter about the programs, Global Talent e Global Entrepreneurs, to send to enterprises before the meetings. It was also recorded a video with Luisa, our EP from Colombia. The management of Instagram was doing like last month and we gained some more followers. I initiate the publication in the LinkedIn with posts about our programs and projects too. For finishing this month, it was done one reunion with all managers B2B of Portugal, and was defined the national strategy for promoting iGIP in the AIESEC Portugal LinkedIn. Me and the other managers were creating the new materials for start publish in social media, special LinkedIn. The first national action of this reunion was recording a video with the EPs of all committees that are in Portugal in this moment.

TL - Mariana Espírito Santo

This past month has been good, we reached a higher engagment from people with our facebook page and managed to put consistent content. We also prepared a market research to identify the profiles of the faculties where our presence is less significant, which will help us target the promotion of our programs.


TL - Inês Fernandes

April was a great month for the finance team, we elaborated March newsletter and then focused on finding new amazing partnerships for the committee. It was quite hard as some of our ideas could not be implemented, although we still have some ideas to work on. I think we are really working as a team, everyone is enthusiastic (despite the difficulties) and tries to do as much as possible to help. Given all this I am pretty confident we are going to improve our work and get visible results in the near future!

Member - Mónica Luís

This month we started by doing the newsletter of the previous month where I was responsible for getting the feedback’s of TM, Marketing and Finance area and also an experience of GE. Finance is now exploring new opportunities for partnerships with companies; we already have come up with 2 proposals. I am working in one of these proposals that were already send it to Dolce Gusto and now I am trying to get their response. Finally, the LC Meeting+Dinner, I think it was a success, combining people from different areas and together trying to figure it out how to improve one area is a way to have really creative ideas and various perspectives that otherwise we wouldn’t have.


Manager Performance - Jéssica Costa

This month I focused mainly on TeMi (Team Minimus) and assistance in completing it to Team Leaders. It is a tool to assess whether the results are being achieved and if not, why. In addition, the team was preparing LC meeting so that all the committee would meet again.

Communication Manager - Márcia Marinho

This month was a month with hard work but very rewarding, where the most important moment was the LC MEETING+DINNER that was a success.


TL - Wilson Ramos

In April we had our first match, which was very nice, although it still came short compared to what we had planned. It was a month where we focused on helping EPs and on creating the tools/information they need to find their internships easily. For this, we created a tool where they can find the most interesting opportunities, a guide for the applying process and a more internal tool to share with other LCs. We also looked into new ways of promotion that we are going to try out soon. The team is performing well so I'm pretty confident that interesting times lay ahead!

Member - Rafael Ferreira

"Well as member of oGX, and more precisely as a member of oGIP, I have learned throughout this two months that we are working to people and for people, and so, our work depends mostly on the desire of our EP's and their ambition, but also, our motivation and persistance.

In the last month, I felt on the skin this lack of ambition and, sometimes, the suspicions that the EP's may have in our work, and so, it has been hard in that chapter. This made me a little bit angry, but still, I managed to do other tasks, and that motivated myself to keep on going and to try to give my best in order to surpass the difficulties I have been passing when chatting with my EP's.

Although it has been hard to me, I am very proud of my team colleagues in this last month, since we were considered the best oGIP in the country in the last month!

I hope I can recover from this low perfomance in this month in way to help my team to reach our goals for the summer peak!

Go oGIP. Go Team Jones. Go AIESEC in Nova!"

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TL GT (Global Talent) - Simão Menezes

April was a tough month, we started too slow, still looking after companies to contact. During the period we starting building some pace and by the end of the month we arranged a hand full of meeting for the following month, Maybe not the best timing for the records but we are now working well. The best part was being able to notice an ever increasing number of results as the month went by instead of a decline or a stagnation. I truly hope that the next month goes better and smother though, with more meetings and better experiences for all the members. After all, our work is what rewards us.

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TL GE (Global Enterpreneurs) - André Gonçalves

Positives: Team is improving and getting more used to contact companies which was useful to get more meetings. Members are committed to their work and we will get more results in May

Negatives: We could have done better this month in terms of raises and we have some follow up issues.

Member - Diogo Saul

Hi, guys! More than a month has already passed since I’ve met all of you. It has been being a crazy journey. It all started in the RIMT. Everything in AIESEC makes me feel more. Now I know I am able to change and help other people’s lives. Still about the experience it was a pleasure to meet so charismatic and powerful minds as yours. Last week we had the first LC meeting of the new season and I’m proud about how hardworking we are doing and also about the interaction between the teams. Don’t forget we still need to achieve the 5000 likes (almost there guys)!

About GE team, I feel like we are doing a great job. Week after week we are improving ourselves and also our teamwork. André and Ana have been great “teachers” always trying to know how we are doing and try to motivate us doing more and better. I know it’s not easy to achieve and do everything we were up to because many things are happening at the same time and managing time could be a problem. But we are working on it and I also think the new workshops can help us.

About my own journey/performance I feel awesome. I feel like during the last weeks I grew up both at the personal and professional sides. E-mails, calls, meetings… and already the first open! I’m proud and also motivated to do more and contribute to make this happen! GO AIESEC IN NOVA!

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Manager BD - Sara Sousa

The month of April was the time to settle the details for the Leadership Tournament, such as dates, companies to contact, and the goals we want to achieve with this event. Also, we started to contact the companies.


TL - Ana Guerra

This month the oGCDP team made sure to spread the word through several info-sessions in the different faculties of Nova University. The greatest accomplishment was FCT's info-session where we had many students attending and several sign-ups in the platform, after. The team is currently doing some EP management and we expect May to be the busiest month! But we couldn't be more excited about what's there to come.

Member - Cristiana Bento

The month of april for me was incredible. This was my first whole month in the organization and I already feel a part of it. I was able to participate actively in several info sessions, thanks to the my VP and TL that valued and believed in my contribution. I could learn more about our programs, I developed my team work and communication skills. I started helping EP's in their exchange process, sharing their excitement in this journey and gaining some experience with expa and other organizational tools. And the fact that I feel responsible for their experience challenges me to be better and to learn more everyday. One of the high moments this month was our April LC Meeting because it was not only produtive (there was created a space to think critically about OGX's flow and the importance of LEAD), very successful (I believe it was very participated, a first step into working on our internal communication issues), but also it was, personally, very moving when everyone sang me happy birthday, I'm really grateful for that. And lastly, but along with the birthday surprise, the most important aspect of April was starting to work with my team, getting to know them in our team building dinner and weekly mettings. Now I believe that we can reach every goal we set for.

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TL ATIVA - Iryna Demchyk

April was a pretty good month for the ATIVA team overall. We got more Opens, did some interviews and accepted some EPs. However, it's been hard to get applications, specifically from people who know Portuguese. Because of that, we've been accepting Spanish speakers.

Member ATIVA - Carina Gomes

April was a very busy month. Learning to deal with Expa, search for contacts and contact others LC (in my case of Colombia) was very challenging. I had my first interview, and even if it didn’t went very well (the applicant wasn’t suited to the project) I have learn with the experience. Not always things are easy, but we can’t give up at the first difficulty.

I think the ACTIVA team has worked very well and we are all motivated. Although not to be easy to fill the vacancies that we open, we are all fighting for it. We are giving our best for the ACTIVA!

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TL Summer MIP - Serenela Moreira

April was great! We have scheduled 14 interviews and did 11! This was the result of the all the work our team is doing (we did dozens of calls) and the proof that putting all the effort brings awesome results. Besides this, we got 10 raises and we are waiting for some answers yet, so I’m really satisfied with my team and really proud of us. Now we are starting to focus on promoting our opportunities and match the best EP’s we want not only a great project, but a quality one.

Member Summer MIP - Inês Cardia

Overall, April was a positive month for me as an AIESECer, and for my team as well. It was my second month as a member and after the first few weeks of adaptation, I started overcoming the initial struggles and was able to get some positive results. However, I firmly believe my effort as a team member can and will improve with time and experience I’ve been acquiring working with everyone involved in AIESEC.

I’m very proud of our team’s ability to surpass the goals we had set for ourselves, and excited for what’s to come. It wasn’t an easy month, repeatedly contacting institutions that did not facilitate our work, but now that the raising process is almost over, it is tremendously satisfying to see what we’ve accomplished.

Personally, I consider that our preliminary success is due to our good team dynamics. Working with colleagues who try hard to succeed, and with a team leader that is highly engaged and concerned with our performance, pushes me to be a better member and motivates me to try to excel at what I do.

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VP iGCDP (resposible for SWITCH) - Diogo Pascoal
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LC Account

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This month we had a great amount of payments due to:

- The payments of the LC fees from September of 2015 and March of 2016

- The payment of the accommodation regarding last winter programs of iGCDP.

This month we present you...

"I can tell that my experience as a volunteer at eldery house was incredible. First of all, I have never worked in this area. And I have never worked with old people. So for me it was not just something new, it was also a huge opportunity to learn and to challenge myself.

Of course it would be much more difficult or even impossible if I wouldn't have a good background - journalism education, social experience and good knowledge of Portuguese language.

I was working as an animator, which means five days per week I had to create some intertainment and try to make life of old people more interesting and happier. I was lucky to have a help of professional animator who taught me a lot of things about her professions and gave me a really good advices and indications. I can say that about all my collegues: they were really helpful and positive.

Working with old people is not easy. But you also get such a good reward for this — their happyness, smiles and positive energy. "

Tatiana Bogomazova

Tatiana was an Exchange Participant in the last edition of ATIVA. ATIVA is a social project managed by iGCDP, it focuses on elderly people, which surprisingly is rare in volunteering. It aims at organizing and executing activities in elderly houses promoting a fun and friendly environment. It is a challenging project as elderly people may have physical disabilities or special needs that have to be taken into account while planning the activities. Working conditions are hard, as such a deeply motivated and interested EP is binding to take part in this adventure.

If you want to read an amazing article on ATIVA written by our fantistic TL Iryna Demchyk just click here.

In May...

As you know, this month we are going to have amazing sessions on lots of interesting topics:

5th May, 7 pm - Time Management (André Vilaça)

10th May, 6 pm - EP Firefighting (Ana Calinhos)

7 pm - Negociation (Pedro Castro)

19th May, 6 pm - Personal Marketing and Career Management (Adriana Gouveia)

7 pm - Public Speaking (Rita Ventura)

If you haven't done it fill this form to confirm your presence.

In May we will, once again, have the LC MEETING followed a dinner, which is scheduled for 26th May. We want you there!

Finally, this month there is going to be held a GA (General Assembly) on 28th May. For lots of you this is the first opportunity to be present in a GA and maybe become a MPD (Full Right Member).

Also, in that morning there is going to be an unmissable Team Building Activty.

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