Body of a Ballerina

is it really all it seems?

Look appetesing?

The body of a ballerina looks extremely delicate and angelic however what goes on under the skin is a completely different matter. They follow a strict low calorie diet avoiding anything which could risk any unwanted lumps and bumps. It can also go the extreme of eating sponge so that the stomach thinks its full but no nutritional value effecting the body.

No Pain No Gain?

The phrase 'no pain no gain' is very popular in the world of ballet however this is not always true, the body can only take so much training before muscles start to become permanently damaged. A dancer’s weekly routine can consist of workouts lasting up to eight hours long, six days a week.

Dance related injuries

Waist training

Waist training is only part of some dance schools, it consists of the dancer wearing a corset every day for a long period of time, and they then tighten the lace on the back of the corset daily which gradually pulls in the waist. This may give them the look they want however it means all the intestine beings squashed together in a small space which will cause damage. For some dancers this method is not suitable as they like the child like 'shapeless' figure and try not to excaudate the hips.