Ralph Lauren

Founder of the store Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Hello, my name is Ralph Lauren and I am the creater of the popular store called polo Ralph Lauren. I design the cloths that you see in the store. As a young kid our family was very poor but I would still work for the money to buy the clothing that I love since my family could not aford the clothing.

History of their life

Ralph Lauren was born in New York city on October 14, 1939. Ralph Lauren went to Baruch college in Manhattan where he stuidied buisness for two years. Ralph Lauren has two brothers named Jerry and Lenny. His parents names are Frydl and Frank. The father painted houses while the mother raised the kids.

What is there company doing now

The amount of sales they get is 14.67 billion. They have just made a new cannan and some more cloths. They make clothing for men, woman, and children. They also make furniture and bedding and other things you might find in a bedroom.The company is continuing investments in the companys stratigic initiatives earnings per diluted share. Ralph lauren has many foundations with people that have cancer one event was when they did the pink pony run.

Ralph Lauren

One of Ralph Laurens qoutes are "I dont design clothns" I design dreams"