Did Donald Trump Really Do That!?

"My father gave a small loan of one million dollars."

Did Trump Star In A TV Show?!

Answer: Yes. In the show " Battle Of The Billionaires " Trump made a challenge to WWE owner Vince McMahon, they both selected a wrestler to fight, and the loser would have to shave his head! Trump won and helped McMahon shave!!

Did he say he WASN'T RACIST!!???

The answer is YES!!

Trump said," I am the LEAST racist person you've met! "

Interviewer asked " Are you bigoted in any way? "

Trump Said, "I don't think so.No. I don't think so. "

Trump is totally bigoted!![bigoted means to believe in something but is prejudice to others beliefs]

Does Trump have kids?!

Answer: Yes. He has five children with three different ladies!! Family value must not be his biggest platform!!