The Media and its Effect

A true insight to what is the media

The Media

We are the pinnacle of the food chain, the creation used to rule the world, nothing stands above a human. However there’s a being so invasive, so cunning that it can destroys its prey using their minds and actions against them. The media, the most influence humans have next to modern technology. It is believed the media isn’t a living thing, that it can be controlled through thorough use of its power. Unfortunately, humans have let this abomination overtake their own beliefs, hindering them useless to its power of influence. The media isn’t entirely a monster, it’s obvious that there is some good to come from something so fragile, however as we all may know, the bad heavily out ways the good. Conspiracy, lies, fraud, the very bounds of this evil we as humans have created are limitless. The worse part of the media is the power it has given to those who can use it. Social media and big organizations have the power to corrupt the minds of “the people” with such ease. They can bend the mind and will of those all by using the correct choice of words. It’s amazing to see how easily manipulated humans can be, especially with lies and fraudulent words. In today's society we can see that there is more harm than good that can be caused by media, its hurts people mentally and emotionally. There has been times where people have tried to put a stop to this monstrous creation that we’ve given power. However, it has come to our attention that we now live in times where without it, life may not be the same.

A brief look into the media

It's insane, the ability for the human mind to perceive something in endless ways is astounding. To believe that the words people see and say change minds of others in an instant. \Social media creates this weird an interesting way of challenging us to either take action or sit back and let something else happen. Although it is easy to watch the media progress through society, there is no implication to get something out of it. I have taken the time to gain, at least a little, more knowledge on social media. Through my learning I have now come to realize that not all social media is bad. There is some that honestly hold true to their heart about something true and good they believe in. one of the most being charity and cancer/disease awareness. It gives people a sense of a good feeling when they can do at least a little more for their society, even if it is just a quick post. There is even the way of communication people use, which without the type of social media we have now, would be irrational how we had lived so long ago without it. People love giving others an update on their own lives to get good-feeling feedback. Things such as Facebook and Snap-chat have given most people a way to venture out outside the “inside world” to view others in a more direct way. However there is still a big and impactful part of the social media that is very dark and cruel. The possibilities are un-fathomable when it comes to how evil it can be. From cyber-bullies, to hate crimes, to just disgusting and hate-filled things, it makes one think” is it even worth it to have the media we have now?” after doing my assignment on racism and police brutality, I took the time to do some research on how social media affects my topic. It was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. I have seen and read some of the worst things I probably would ever come to imagine but it makes me wonder and gives me hope to see how much change can impact people with just a few “unspoken thoughts”. In ten years I see the world changing, for the good and the bad. That isn’t to suggest that there be something juristically done in order to better humanity on social media. Its to understand that there is a fine course set for the media, one that takes us along wherever it may go.

Kevin Hart Super Bowl Commercial XD

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Hyundai, in its 2016 Super Bowl commercial, managed to captivate its not only attention of all who watched it, but also has won the USA’s Today’s Annual Super Bowl Ad Poll, “using his funny antics as an overbearing dad put the ad in the top spot” (Eromosele Diana). Its depicts a common scene that every father can relate to: an overly protective dad who make sure nothing happens on his daughters date, from showing up in the movie theater's, becoming “one with the prizes”, and even following in a helicopter, leaving his daughters date clueless about the new technology within the new car. Although it reaches out more to the men (both young and old) its actual audience is the present and future car owners, giving them an experience that could possibly be true and promotes the new advanced technology within the car, which gives me reason to believe the producer of the commercial and Kevin hart have similar beliefs on the topic of their daughters. It’s absolutely hysterical, it gives everyone (but the date) a sense of enjoyment and laughter, how overly exaggerated way Kevin Hart acts as a father is gave this commercial its vigor.

Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial 2016 Kevin Hart First Date 2016 Hyundai Genesis


On February, 24 2016, a man by the name of David Duke, a formerly known “Grand Dragon” of the white supremacist group known as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), gave his thought on which presidential candidate he viewed should win the election, which was Republican Donald Trump. Most people viewed this as odd and unacceptable, that someone with particular views would vote for someone like Donald Trump, most people thought that he chose Donald Trump because he thought Donald shared most of the same views. Viewers and supporters most likely wanted to understand what Donald Trump’s opinion on this matter is, whether he does the right thing and instinctively says “No, I will not allow someone with his views to be a part of my candidacy” or “Yes, I believe he has understandable views on society that I may or may not have the same opinion on”. In order to get his understanding on the issue CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Donald Trump, and later asking about his thoughts on the former leader of the KKK endorsing him for specific reasons. To which Trump responded…

"I don't know, did he endorse me or what's going on, because, you know, I know nothing about David Duke. I know nothing about white supremacists. And so you're asking me a question that I'm supposed to be talking about people that I know nothing about. …

…Really, I mean really? You expect for us to believe that? Well, according to VERY INFORMED and RELIABLE SOURCES, it turns out that trumps statements were very much false, mainly his statement about “not knowing anything about David Duke and him being associated with the KKK. As of earlier August, 15 Drumf (his ancestral last name) was asked about Duke’s support of him.

John Heinemann: "We’ve heard this week that David Duke — former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan — has come out and said he’s in support of your candidacy. So my first question is why do people like that like Donald Trump? And second, how do you feel about the David Duke quasi-endorsement?"

Trump: "I don’t know the answer to the first. Who knows why? But I don’t need his endorsement. I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anybody’s endorsement. I’m not looking for…"

Heinemann: "Would you repudiate David Duke?"

Trump: "Sure, I would do that if it made you feel better. I would certainly repudiate. I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me. And actually I don’t think it was an endorsement. He said I was absolutely the best of all the candidates. But I wouldn’t want him …"

Now with this, its easy to understand that Trump is absolutely known about David Duke. This only shows how much of a very inconsistent someone like Donald Trump comes at telling the truth.

This is apparently a common thing for most presidential nominees as most aren’t near the entire truth as they should be. Granted the fact that they aren’t being supported people who work for the sole purpose of putting their race ahead of everyone else, it’s still interesting to see how many false claims there are. For Republican nominee Marco Rubio he stands on some of the same opinions as Donald Trump, which wouldn’t surprise seeing how they are both on the same party. However it seems he also is accountable for not giving a clear a strong opinion on a similar matter. On the issue he was asked how he felt about the situation. Well any future leader of the U.S. would believe that the necessary thing to do is take the symbolic slavery out of view in order for people to see not color but what’s really important.

Are We Proles?

Its seems as if all of todays society is focused on the ways to make life make life more fun, more money, more success, more, more, more. Entertainment is more about fighting wars than stopping them, crimes everywhere, politicians/ future presidents, PEOPLE THAT RUN THIS COUNTRY do silly imitations of each other in order to get a viewers attention. But whose fault is it for such a thing to happen the man or the media.

its true that all of us, are responsible for watching and viewing the things that we do, however its in our hands to believe what we want. however its also true that what we watch and view have a big impact on what we think and understand. it goes to say that certain things cant be upheld before us and be guaranteed to do such a things as to brain wash us, but maybe that's what is happening. the life of the individuals is supposed to be broken up into parts in order for us to understand. we know all that we are accustomed to but that could be the very thing that's holding us back.

most people aren't even aware of such things happening because of how much knowledge they have on it. media has done nothing but waste time, distract and delude us. Rather than have it for purposes that could actually benefit ones self it only helps the common people to feel more comfortable in the world around them. Citizens in North Korea are constantly being deprived of travel outside the country, taken technology, and even punished for any signs of treachery against them.all of this in order to ensure that there is total control, total domination and complete power above all else.

We aren't only only a nation of proles, i feel as if we set the standard for something so intolerable.


Take a mind trip all the way back to the 1800's, a time where America was dived between two different races, black and white. lets give you the viewpoint of the African Americans. You've had family taken away, you were beaten, you were always given orders, you've never known what 'they' were saying because of how uneducated you were As an African American, but you knew and truly believed that everything that was happening was wrong? It is believed today that most African Americans during that time were more content and loyal, and for some that may be true. But can you say that you would let something so uncivilized and traumatic happen knowing there could be a chance you could do something about it? Well, then you're not the only one.

In the book American Negro Slave Revolts, the author Herbert Aptheker gave instances of more than 33 slave revolts, not including the ones he wasn't there to know about. One of the greatest and largest slave revolts was the Stono Rebellion of 1739. Slaves under the ownership of a man named Jemmy were tired of the mistreatment they were given. They went from house to house, executing all the slave owners, however not all were killed. Some and a very close most of the slaves made sure to hide their masters for because they saw no need for them to die for their deeds. However this rebellion was soon to end with most of the slaves losing their lives, even the ones who saved their masters lives.

this is just one of the few of many examples of revolts and rebellions that have created the mindset if will against an unjust civilization, not for only African americans but for people worldwide. This and many more actions led to the abolishment of slavery, but it didn't stop there. Soon African Americans and other minorities still felt mistreated, undermined, and segregated leading to another strain of endless rebellious acts that form the conglomeration of the world we live in today. Most say that the way all this happened is powerful and gives us a reminder of what equality truly means, which is true. However it's why it happened that makes it that more powerful.

It wasn't just the act of selfishness and the lust of power over another that made them do what they did, nor was it the feeling of a vendetta against those who decided to silence them in order to stay above all else. It was the nature of the human to feel just as equal as the other, to be included as just another man or woman, knowing that it only feels natural to treat others all the same rather than be put as labels such as black or white.

They were not born being "black or white" they were raised to be, but it's our fault for accepting them rather than understanding that labels are only what they seem,,, labels.

Smore #7

At the begging it wasn't easy, to understand the motive and the problems with the media. To me it was just that... the media nothing more. soon, however i came to the realization that something so little in our eyes can have such a big impact on regular life.i took alot from this class, wether it be getting a new perspective from another student or learning about something new in a way Mrs.Hicks believes is neccecary. This class is alot more different than alot others, a good way to describe her would be the mr.pettie from "Dead Poet Society". she figures out ways to get student to see using different activities that get the student minds racing. If there was something new to do in the class, have more discussions on topuc that relate to the student we seem to really enjoy them. However i dont want that to change any part of the course we have now, ive taken so much i didnt expect from it that i dont think anyone one person shouldnt know. Ive gotten alot deeper than i would have ever imagined for something i didnt think very much of and i thank you for helping me realize that.

Smore 8

As a world we do have this unhealthy obsession with technology. Like when people have old phones you get snubbed or when you’re walking around the mall with your friends and see children like five and six complaining that their phones about to die or even just them having a phone. Does no one remember the days when we were young when the only thing to complain about was that we couldn’t go outside? I bet that if some of the younger people asked their parents to go outside and play the parents would possibly think why? Rather than sure. It’s funny how we can make fun of these kids who stay at home and play video games all day when were no different. We are on our phones all day! It the same thing. However there starts to become this problem where you have phone separation anxiety. It’s actually a thing! Like why are you so afraid to not have your phone with you? You might miss a text, or a twitter notification, or someone liking your Instagram post but does it really matter. I know not too long ago I had my phone taken away from me for a week for the first day I was like. ‘What can I do I’m so bored…’ but then after that I just kind of stopped caring. I actually finished this book series called vampire academy because I kept putting it off. But I finished it. I found that I was more aware of things happening and stop procrastinating. Sure I felt out of the loop with my friends because we have a group chat for the friends that are in college but we ended up just actually meeting at a park and talking about everything. (Which we always did when they got their breaks anyways.) But I don’t see how it’s so difficult or people. This will become our reality. We will be like the movie “Wall-E” we laugh and make fun of them. But we have hover boards or close to it. You just stand and move like a Segway without the handle bars. All you have to do is add in a phone and some more chipotle and McDonalds to the mix and there you go! We have now made Wall-E Nonfiction! But if we make the actual effort I know it’s so hard. To ask “hey do you want to meet up at the park or Starbucks to talk or just hangout” then you’ll find that people will want to actually have this disconnect to their phones rather than them just texting. It also gives you better social skills, all you have to do it put yourself out there and actually try to make an effort to put your phone down. Heck! Even just walking around your neighborhood with your phone or something.

We can completely control the fact that we are addicted. Look at me everyone had a Facebook I didn’t want one. Yeah it’s an inconvenience when you get an app and it tells you to sign in with Facebook or email. I sometimes feel like a grandma but I don’t really care. Social media became this place where the amount of friends you have and the amount of likes you get make you important. There’s this rush that comes with social media much like drugs ( I wouldn’t know ) but yes I’m comparing drugs to social media. When you post something you get this thrill much like a thrill you get when you’re about to ride a rollercoaster. But that is the thing posting something shouldn’t do that. We get that you’re giddy about this post we get it! But what’s the point of getting this thrill!? You feel depressed when people don’t like your post you feel happy when people do like you post! Why does the amount of likes determine who you are, what you are. Last time I checked, just because my photo got three likes doesn’t mean I’m a boring person.

Sumative Assessment

In the book 1984 one major theme expression that is evident through most of the entirety of the book is that, all information that is given, all thought, language, and freedom are all manipulated. Before reading and hearing this most people think "there's no way such a thing could happen, something must go wrong in order for there to be some sort of way this fails,... right?" However after reading, we understand that some information given can be misconstrued and re articulated in a way to make one's own opinion change. Even worse is it makes us thin, "could this be happening to us?"

if the lives of the common people are so easily blindly run by those "above them" in the book , who's to say it couldn't happen to us? Who's to say it isn't happening to us. Throughout the book we see evidence of manipulation to society through the use of false claims, news, and sabotage. They used outlets so simplistic, so unrecognizable that those who were using it were too blind sided-sided by regular life that the idea of something like this happening left their mind. One example is when they took certain words from the English dictionary in order to get certain thoughts in people. and to lose words is unheard of. Makes me wonder if words have been taken from ours.

The idea of this happening is obviously isn't too far from what the human capability and especially with so many sadistic people and an unreliably un-trust worthy government. its in every history text book you see and in the news, mankind has a knack for being a dystopian society. its been part of our culture since the 1500's when the catholic church has taken over most of America, soon after that there were same events occurring only with slight alterations. manipulation in order for power, violence for profit, total control for the lust of complete and total control. its not to say that it isn't part of human nature to do so, its embedded in our culture, we as human may not be able to describe ourselves without the use of such words as manipulators, endogenous, power hungry, greedy.

Such actions don't just take place in American, many places world-wide happen to have such things happen more often than not, some we even aren't aware of. Examples like Cuban's government taking electronics and items that involve any behavior against them. Another would be North Korea and there constant punishment of any treachery against themselves.

They seem horrible, unfair, and unjust, even worse is that we hate, but we are, in a way, forced to abide by it, its how we are, its... Big Brother.