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Helping Students Achieve their potential

There are countless numbers of digital tools available today which have the potential to enhance the literacy development of students at all levels of study. The resources on this page are but a fraction of those currently available, but they are sites or applications I was introduced to recently in a course offered at Worcester State University, Balanced Literacy with 21st Century Tools (facilitated by Julie B. Keefe), and which I found particularly useful and easy to use. Please take a few moments to check them out.

Useful Free Websites:

1. is a useful discussion board for collaboration, sharing, and responding to class readings and other assignments.

2. is an internet application which permits users to share ideas about a group topic on a "wall." Good for brainstorming, providing feedback, checking for understanding, developing vocabulary, linking to other websites, etc.

3. is a website which allows users to easily and quickly create and publish polished, professional one-page flyers.

4. allows users to create webpages on which people can collaborate and share resources.

5. Google Docs can be used to create documents that can be shared and edited by others. Good for project collaboration.

6. Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly articles across multiple disciplines and sources.

7. Google Books is a search engine for books and magazines which allows users to read excerpts or full texts from millions of books and magazines from around the world.

Join the Conversation

I've created a space on for us to share resources, create assignments, and give each other feedback. In what ways, if any, could the websites and applications above enhance your students' learning? To join this group, sign up using or, alternatively, use the group code: ab49ac. Let's get the conversation going!