Your Secure Digital World

By Stephanos

What this Flyer is About

This flyer will inform you about everything you need to know about staying safe online and will answer all your enquiries about internet safety.

Most Common Enquiries...

How to make yourself safe online Tips...

What is cyberbullying...

What are the risks of using Social media...

How easy is it for a stranger to befriend you...

ONLINE Responsibilities

  • To report something if it is really displeasing to me. (do not overuse reporting)
  • To know how to stay safe on the internet and help my friends be safe as well
  • To tell someone I trust if something is annoying me online
  • Not upload something that will upset my friends
  • To always keep my passwords secret.
  • Always avoid strangers online
  • not to post things that reveal too much about myself such as home address
  • To only use websites appropriate for my age
  • Always read ‘Policy’ and ‘Terms’ of the websites before using them


  • To feel safe and enjoy the internet.

  • Not to be harassed/bullied on the internet but in return not to bully and/or troll other people on the internet.

  • To be able to play and talk with my friends on the internet and know who is a friend and who is a stranger

  • To be able to have freedom on the internet, but at the same time respect other people

Dangers of Social Media For Teens Video | RaffertyWeiss Media

Pin Numbers

A pin is a numeric password shared between a user and a system, that is used to prove to the system that the user is in fact the one entering their card and that it is not stolen.

Biometric Scanners

To be more secure- hospitals, airports, ect are increasingly introducing bio-metrics. This technology identifies you based on your physical or behavioral traits like voice recognition, retina display, hand shape and more.


Encryption means to scramble data in such a way that only someone with the secret code or key can read it. This makes things more secure because to access something you need to know the secret key other ways you cant do anything.

Computer forensics

This is a branch of Digital Forensics Science that relates to evidence found in computers and digital media. So if something ‘‘unfortunate’’ happens to you online and you press the report button the offender will be uncovered because with this you can identify, recover and analyze anything online.