Lets not make emulsion keep h20 and oil from fusing !

Oil and H20 Causes ?

Oil pollution is when oil and water mix together,but the oil stays at the top of the surface.

Oil being mix with water can result from many things. Some of the extreme causes are oil tankers having equipment faults. (Accidents) that spill right into the ocean water. Oil tanker faults are when tankers attempt to move out of shallow land , and a hole in the tanker leads to that oil being released into to ocean bodies. This cause calls to the highest attention to the world, but only 2% of water bodies being mix with oil is the result.

Another cause is when "natural seeps and geological seeps from the ocean floor and also leaks that occur when using product wash into the water." Boats, jets ski also contribute to oil mixing with water.

Effects = pollution

Oil spills effect the environment and most of all the animals. That could cause animals to become endangered. Animals may develop hypothermia which induces body heat.Oil can also enter the lungs of animals and poisoning them. Blinding them, affecting their natural predator vs prey and becoming extinct. The spills also effect the marine plants, since oil doesn't mix with water really it leaves the oil forming a thick coat at the top preventing sunlight from coming in. Plants can't make their own food, therefore they die and this can eventually effect the food chain as a whole.

Animals effect by the oil spils are killer whales,sea otters, plants,seabirds and etc.

Stop oil spills, or watch poor animals die

Solution : If oil spills happen, we need to clean it up asap. We can use the skimming equipment and filter the water. Use alot of depersants chemicals to break what separates oil and water.

"Fertilizing agents such as nitrogen and phosphorous promote bacteria in the water"

to break down oil.

Soak it up with mushrooms and hair.

Contain it with giant under water dome.