Don't do drugs

high schoolers should not start drugs

Drugs can be tempting but say NO

When you get to high school, a lot of your peers will start drug use, they might even ask you to join them, but at this point say NO to drugs and peer pressure. I strongly believe our school needs to try and persuade students to stay away from drugs. Drugs can ruin your whole life. 1 out of 5 kids that try drugs in high school end up addicted. Kids don't think before they do drugs. They fall under peer pressure and start drugs, but one time can ruin everything. You could end up as the 1 out of 5 who ends up addicted. Drugs can ruin your high school career and possibly cause you to drop out. That ruins your whole life, because no job will want a high school drop out who is addicted to drugs to work for them. I strongly suggest you say no to drugs. One decision you make in high school can ruin your whole future.

In just a few months drugs can ruin your life!

Many teenagers who try drugs once end up addicted and cant stop. Drug's take over their life. Their grades go down, they loose some friends, they stop focusing in school. Eventually their problem becomes so bad they have to drop out of school. They end up working at a fast food place or a grocery store but then their problem grows so much they can't even do that. Drugs have taken over and ruined their whole life. Now imagine that is you. You made one mistake in highschool and it ruined everything. You wouldn't want that would you? That is why you should say NO to drugs!