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Dr. Quiauna Scott, Superintendent - April 21, 2021

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Dear EUSD Community,

As the jury rendered a guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin case for the death of George Floyd, we must recognize that what was equally on trial is the structural racism that has plagued our nation from its inception.

Yesterday, there was recognition that the institutions that have held our nation together have not always held everyone equally accountable for wrongs committed for many in our community. For some community members, the idea of trusting these institutions is a given, but for others, these systems have demonstrated that we are not all treated equally.

As we begin to move forward, we must remember that we all have much more in common than society wants us to believe. We are all driven by the pursuit of happiness and a better tomorrow. If we focus on what brings us together rather than what divides us, we have the opportunity to truly make our nation the beacon of light it was always intended to be for every generation.

I urge you to have a conversation with others about the verdict and the bigger social issues leading to today. If we all do our part and have these difficult conversations collectively, we will one day overcome the challenges we currently face and eradicate racism.

For a list of resources to support educators and families in having critical discussions with children and youth regarding social justice, please visit acoe.org/justice.

Together, we are stronger. Thank you for everything you bring to our district.


Dr. Quiauna Scott


Join the Equity and Inclusion Committee

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As a District, we are committed to examining our practices to disrupt patterns of inequities and to reinforce actions that support equitable outcomes for all.

While we have both an equity policy and resolution, there is a strong interest to form an Equity and Inclusion Committee with board members, staff, students, family and community members. The committee will be instrumental in assisting with how we support and demonstrate our core values and beliefs as a district.

The upcoming meeting will be held Tuesday, May 4th at 3:30 pm. A link for the meeting will be shared closer to the meeting date. If you are interested in participating in the committee, please email Lisa Taymuree at lisa.taymuree@emeryusd.org.

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Ms. Lisa, Ms. Duana, Ms. Amara, Ms. Magenta and Ms. Ray, thank you for all that you do. You are absolutely THE BEST and we greatly appreciate you!!!
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