Julius Caesar Soundtrack Project

Caroline Leal

Alesso - Heroes feat. Tove Lo (Jai Wolf Remix)

Song #1- " Heroes Jai Wolf Remix" By Alesso

In this song, Tove Lo sings about how "we can do anything, we could be heroes," referring to Brutus, Cassius, and the rest of the conspirators thinking they could save the people of Rome from complete destruction by abolishing Caesar. After accomplishing their goal of killing the mighty Caesar, they think and refer to themselves as heroes. This song is very upbeat and positive which goes with the mood of the conspirators at this point. They feel very accomplished. The lyrics "we can do anything," refers to Caesar not being as high and mighty as everyone thinks he is and that he can be easily taken down by just "average men."
One Direction - Once in a Lifetime (Audio)

Song #2- "Once In a Lifetime" By One Direction

In this song, One Direction sings "when I close my eyes, all the stars align and you were by my side" referring to when Brutus turned against his good friendCaesar and stabbed him along with other hateful conspirators. This was a significant part in the story because Brutus was one of Caesar's very good friends. Brutus became weak and power-hungry and decided to give into a group of men that were planning on taking down Caesar. Caesar was very shocked and hurt to have noticed that Brutus was against him. His final words were "Et tu, Brut?" meaning, You too, Brutus? This song creates a dismal and heartbroken mood.
Anna Karenina Soundtrack - 21 - Anna's Last Train - Dario Marianelli

Song#3- Anna's Last Train" By Dario Marianelli

This is a classical piece but I feel as though it really captures the somber and sorrowful part in the scene where Brutus goes against his good friend Caesar to the point of Caesar's death. This song is also absolutly incredible of setting the mood for his death and final words.
Justin Bieber - Sorry (PURPOSE : The Movement)

Song #4- "Sorry" By Justin Bieber

In this song, Justin Bieber says "is it too late now to say sorry," referring to when Brutus, Cassius, and the rest of the conspirators had lost to Antony and Octavius and their men. Some of the conspirators probably thought that it was a mistake going against Caesar in the first place and want to take it all back. Some wish they could just simply say "sorry" and join The rest of the people in Rome wanting to avenge Caesar's death.