Fort Sumter Field Trip

by Miss Degear


  • When: April 29, 2016 - Leave School at 7:30am, arrive back at 9pm
  • Where: Fort Sumter, Charleston
  • Who: Miss Degear's 11th grade classes
  • What: Tour Fort Sumter and historic downtown Charleston
  • How: Bus to Charleston
  • Cost: $55-60 - includes: tour of Fort Sumter, lunch at fast food, and seafood dinner

Price Details

  • Bus Driver: $10
  • Boat to and from Fort Sumter: $20
  • Tour of Fort Sumter: FREE
  • Lunch at fast food restaurant: under $10
  • Seafood dinner at Hyman's Seafood: $15


5 Chaperons needed

25+years old

Must be a parent or relative

United States History and the Constituion

Standard USHC-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how regional and ideological differences led to the Civil War and an understanding of the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on democracy in America.

Contact Information

Please email me for any information regarding the field trip!