Mrs. Boschen's Weekly News

October 12 - October 15, 2015

This Week's News

In math this week we are moving from multiplication strategies to division strategies to help students build connections between the two operations. Last week we had a great discussion about whether or not 8x4 was the same as 4x8 and I know we will keep building on making meaning of these equations. Most of our work has been embedded in word problems to help with this understanding.

In reading we are working on fables and the central message of a story. Fables are the perfect kick off to this understanding since they state the moral at the end of the story. Once we have a good understanding of this we will work with more complex texts. Students are also finishing up their first book in a series this week, and will be choosing a second book to read independently so they can compare the characters throughout the series.

We will also be finishing our first writing piece this week. Students have been working on a personal narrative and they have each selected a goal to work on based on their narrative preassessment. This will come home for homework on Wednesday so that a parent or other adult can help with editing spelling, capitalization, and punctuation!

In science, our crayfish have arrived and we will be studying them in depth. We are also heading into Hamilton Run on Tuesday to see what other aquatic organisms we have on our campus. We are also planning to go investigate organisms in the wetlands on Thursday.

Sunfish and Students

For the past 2 years, my classroom has been participating in a program sponsored by Department of Natural Resources where we help raise Bluegill. I am looking forward to having them again this year. Is there anyone who has local friends or family who travel to Annapolis on frequent basis? The fish will need to be picked up around 1:30 pm on November 5. Thanks!


There will be no school for students on Friday!