Odell Friday Notes


Week 2: August 31-Sept 4

Postive Parent Communication

For those that have already hit the ground running with at least one positive parent contact...way to go! Building parent partnerships early helps when a concern arises. Make sure you make your positive parent contacts within the next week.

Don't forget to keep your parent communication log up to date with phone/notes type communication.

Don't Freak Out!

Next week, the admin team will be in rooms as a team, so don't freak out. You may even want to let your students know, so they keep showing they are scholars!

What: We will be calibrating our Classroom Walk Through

Why: Our purpose is to see your awesomeness & to ensure we are all on the same page--helps with inter-rater reliability.

Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Dreambox (K-5 homeroom teachers)

Wednesday, Sept 9th 3:30-4:30

Media Center

CARE # will be coming from Mrs. Laxton

Supporting ESL & our different levels of students

  • Working with ESL Learners

See attachment from UNC @ Greensboro

PLC Updates

Quick updates to make sure we are all on the same page:

~Go over Norms
~Collaborate & Write SMART Goals
~Begin rolling with as a team
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Where to Meet:

Conference room (soon we will have the Apple TV, but let's just get in the habit of meeting there)

Who: You and Admin