A Christmas Carol

go experience the play itself at your local theater!!

A Chritmas Carol is a great play to see over the holidays. Along with the play there is also a book wrote by Charles Dickens. First the play is full of suspense. There are so many cliff hanger especially when the staves end. It's really neat how much the cast connects with the audience, as they speak you always feel like they're looking at you. However the play is very different from the book. Something's are the same, but other things are very different or less detailed. For example in the book Scrooge's house seems like a mansion but at the play it seems like a regular house. The play helps you visualize the story better but the book has more detail. In addition to the cool set, all of the set pieces could move. If you payed close attention, you could see the actors and actresses pick up props and bring them off stage. The larger props would either be controlled by a computer, a remote, or it would be pushed or carried by a couple people. One of the more exciting props I thought was the ghost of Christmas future, it was electronically ran because they wanted it to look really big and alive. In conclusion, the play was very entertaining and fun to watch. It was very cool to see how they brought the book, A Christmas Carol to life. Go experience the story itself at your local theater!


At the end of the play Scrooge sacrificed his old life of being grumpy and angry for a life where he would give and spread holiday cheer. Specially he sacrificed his money when he gave it to all the people around town. One time I had to sacrifice something was when my brother wanted to go somewhere for dinner, so I gave up where I wanted to go, so he could go to his favorite restaurant.