Transition Plus January 6th

Welcome back! Happy New Year!!!

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S.O.D.A. Strategy

Here is a great strategy both for students and adults that was shared in Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.

Here S.O.D.A. is not a carbonated drink, but a strategy for gaining control of our emotions when we feel triggered or our buttons have been pushed. S.O.D.A. is an acronym for Stop. Observe. Detach. an Awaken. The strategy is based on neuroscience findings that tell us that if we are able to put as little as 10 seconds in-between the time we get triggered and our reaction, we can preempt an amygdala hijack and avoid responding negatively. Here is a visual overview for you.

New class offering 2nd semester: Garage Band (SEL through Music) Tues/Thurs 5th hr in the music room. Students who are looking for a project-based learning experience in music performance careers, group music-making, and developing ones music expressive skills would be perfect candidates for this class!

This is not just a “get the band together for rehearsal class”! This class will focus on using music to share a message, music used for self-expression, and explore the necessary steps one must do and consider for live music jobs in our Minneapolis community. Local musicians from our community will be invited to play with the band and share their story.

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The Step Up on-line application is now open. Students must also apply for Step Up if they are interested in Minnesota Trades Academy.

The deadline is Feb 10. See a work coordinator with questions.

Nominations can be made Here.
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Staff Reminders

ESS Time Entry

You will have until the end of the day on Monday, January 6th to enter time for winter break. The highlighted line was in a message all staff received from Payroll on Monday, December 16th.

For the weeks of December 23-January 3 -

December 24 & 25 - Holiday Pay

December 31 & January 1 - Holiday Pay

You need to used the drop down box and click Holiday. You do not automatically get paid for Holiday.

Dec 23, 26 & 27 - Vacation or no pay. You cannot use personal or sick time on these days.

December 30, January 2 & 3 - Vacation or no pay. You cannot use personal or sick time on these days.

Hourly school year employees who accrue vacation will not be able to enter vacation for January 2nd or January 3rd until the week of January 6th.

CPI Refresher

  • ESP Staff - Be sure to check your transcript in Ecompass to see if your 4 hour CPI refresher is due on 6/30/2019. January 17th is the only opportunity for you to do the 4 hour refresher this year. Classes are filling up fast, so you should register as soon as possible. There will be no PD opportunities in June as your last duty day is the same as the student's.
  • If you don't do the 4 hour refresher on January 17th, you will need to take the 8 hour course in August.


  • As the weather continues to change please keep in mind your start time - Plan accordingly.

AESOP for Licensed Staff

  • If you enter an absence on AESOP, please remember your end time is 4:30 (1.0 FTE staff). This applies whether you need a sub or not.

Sub Plans

  • If you are emailing your sub plans to another staff member, please be sure to include Traci. I get here at 8:00 and I can have them printed and ready for the sub when they check in. Also, the person you sent the email to, could be absent, so this is a good back-up to ensure the sub gets the plan.

Copier in Scan Lab

  • If the copier is down, please report it to Traci and put a note on the copier that you did so, with the date. I don't monitor that machine, so I need to rely on people to let me know. I was told last Thursday, that it has been down for about a month.

Engagement notes

  • If a student is in need of clothing items, backpacks, food, or any other basic need item, please refer them to their case manager or social worker in order to access them.

  • When taking a class on an outing, please bring a list of all students and destination to the engagement desk and the front office desk.

Updated Student Information

  • Please be sure to let Melissa or Traci know of any changes that need to be made in Discovery - Change of address, phone numbers, contact info, etc. We want to be sure student records are accurate.

Counselor Corner

Course selection sheets for Semester 2 will be in your mailboxes by Monday, December 16th. Please look over each student's selections to ensure that they are a) the appropriate level class (you can access the Course Guide for descriptions here), b) IEP-goal driven, and c) not duplicate classes (unless approved by case manager). Course selection sheets will be due to Rachel Prince by Monday, January 13th, 2020.

Some changes and additions to note:

  • EL classes will be offered daily Monday-Thursday.
  • Accuplacer Math Prep: new class for students preparing for Post-Secondary. Must have received at least a 38 (Classic) or 210 (NextGen) on the Accuplacer Reading. Will be focusing on high school level math skills.
  • Additional Trades Exploration offerings + new Trades Exploration 2, for students who have taken Trades Exploration 1.
  • Habits, Community, & Culture: new class focusing on circles, social-emotional learning, engagement; intended for students who are independent.
  • Street Law: now offered for Spring
  • Additional sections of TABE Prep (5th hour MW & TR) & Consumer Math 2 (4th hour MW)
  • Personal Mobility is now one section, for two hours. Intended for Project Search candidates + students who were in Personal Mobility first semester.
  • Additional section of Art Exploration (3rd hour, MW & TR). 5th period Art will be reserved for Team 1 students only. Art will now be held in Room 204.
  • Career Awareness 2: 2nd hour, TR; intended for Project Search candidates and students who have taken Career Awareness 1.
  • SEL through Music: Garage Band: new course focusing on the creation and production of music through Garage Band, 5th hour TR.
  • Reading for Life 2, Book Club: now offered for Spring, 1st and 2nd hour, TR.
  • Library Literacy/Services: New course focusing on

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