Natural Wonders

Table Mountain National Park

  • This area has got more species than the entire British Isles.

  • It is home to two famous sites: Table mountain and The Cape of Good Hope.

  • Around 800,000 people visit Table mountain annually.

Blyde River Canyon

  • It is situated in Drakensberg mountains.

  • It is the third largest canyon in the world .

  • It has very unusual rock formations such as the Bourke´s Luck Potholes.


Blyde River Canyon.m4a by user906391805

The Garden Route

  • This route extends for 200 kilometres along the southeastern coast.

  • It offers many activities from searching for wild elephants to travelling a steam passenger train.

  • Visitors can also see the Cango Caves where they tour deep inside beautiful caverns and squeeze through extremely narrow tunnels.