Dublin, Ireland

The Emerald Isle

Dublin Delicacies

Entertain your taste buds with some traditional Irish dishes, In the morning, try your luck with a fry, a traditional Irish breakfast chock full of meat .in Ireland you'd be hard pressed to find a meal without potatoes so, later on in the day, get back to the basics Irish potato stew.If you're feeling adventurous try some stout (black beer) the pride and joy of Ireland.You haven't been to ireland until you've tried one of these interesting options.

Ireland Forever

Experience the rich culture of Ireland,Learn about interesting Irish history, like the Irish potato famine in the 19th century .Gaze upon gorgeous gaelic crosses from ancient times, as well as beautiful christian art and music . Become more knowledgeable about Irelands illustrious authors. While your in Dublin your sure to see a little bit of history around every corner!

Dublin Entertainment

Enjoy your stay in Dublin with all the enjoyable activities offered.Get in on the Irish social scene and visit one of the many local pubs. When walking around you might encounter some street performers.Visit St.Patricks Cathedral which is free and open to the public.Experience Irish literature and drop by the Dublin Writers Museum to see interesting objects relevant to Irish writers.Get the most out of Dublin with these popular attractions

Hot History

Delve into the remarkable history of Dublin.Go see Dublin Castle, a beautiful building from the 13th century which is now used for state affairs. Develop an apreciation for Irish sacrifice and visit the Garden of Rememberence. Humble yourself when you gaze apon the haunting statues called famine. Be amazed by Ardgillan Castle built in 1738, and surrounded by 194 acres of stunning countryside. Get back to the roots of Ireland with interesting history.

Gorgeous Gaelic

Learn about gaelic, the ancient language of the Irish. Gaelic is an ancient celtic language used by the original Irish tribes. Don't speak Gaelic? Don't sweat it! English is the main langauge,Because when Britain took over Ireland they totally knocked Gaelic out of the system and English became the main language. Recently schools have begun teaching gaelic in public schools in order to revive the language and even though only 30% of the population speaks gaelic it's still listed along with English, as one of ireland's main languages. Develope your mind with gaelic phrases.

Ireland's Weather

What to expect when visiting Ireland. Be sure to pack your raincoat be all this greeen requires a ton of watering, And don't forget your jacket because tempertures never get over 61 F in summer. The best time to visit Ireland is between the months of May through September Be prepared when travelling through the beautiful country of Ireland