"Donald Driver", Driven

Anna Holloway

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Summary and About The Main Character

Donald Driver, legendary NFL receiver, now talks about his hard life that was surprising for some people. Born in Houston, Texas, Driver went through many struggles, from spending nights living in a U- Haul to selling drugs and stealing cars to help his family make it through tough times. This soon to be Super Bowl champion once went to college at Alcon State, an all Africa American college. In college he was both a track star and a football star. Even at one point he wanted to give up football and try out for the Olympics.

Donald went through many injuries and horrible play off losses, but he had the glory of winning the Super Bowl. Not only was he a great football player, but he was the season 14 winner of Dancing With the Stars. Now Donald Driver does a lot of charity work, serves the Lord and loves being with his family. He has 3 kids Cristian Driver (the oldest), Christina Driver & Charity Driver (the youngest). Donald even has is own charity called, "The Donald Driver Foundation".

It's an unable to put down book. It's simply amazing.

Problems/ Main Conflicts

Donald's life didn't start out vey well. His parents were divorced when he was young. His brother, his mother and Donald lived in the back of a U-haul truck for a while because they didn't have enough money to afford a house!

Donald Driver stole cars and sold drugs to make money for his family of five. That was hard for him and it was a huge risk for him, as well has his brother. This was a really big problem! The one this about it was Donald and his brother never told their mother about this. Every morning before their mother went to work they would slip money into her purse to get food for the family. She never knew.

At one point Donald's family was very, very poor. Donald soon moved in with his grandmother in his early teenage years so he could go to high school and he didn't have to keep switching schools.

Book information

Driven was written by Donald Driver and published on October 22, 2103. This autobiography and sports book will encourage you to do whats right even when you have had bad things happen in your life.

Copy write date: 2013

You can go to any store or any website online and find this awesome book! Many people are saying good things! This is an incredible book written by one incredible person! Its a meaningful life story that is scary, happy, sad and so much more!

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