Real World Hero

Jean Lumb By Jace Borgal

Jean Lumb ( 1919- 2002) was one of 12 children who was born to Fun Gee Wong and Ho Hung Mah. Jean stood up for women and girls due to the fact that the government was being racist for example the government put in a law that kicked girls out of school. Jean did this because she wanted women and girls to have a voice too. When she was allowed a job she worked at her sisters fruit market. Jean Lumb is a true hero to me and will live on in my thoughts !!
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What a True Hero means To me

A true hero to me is someone who has a voice and goes out of there way to change the world and make an impact. Everyone can be a hero if they want to be. To me everyone is a hero with their ability to make a difference, doesn't matter if your dark or white or which religion. As long s you have love in your heart you can change. A true hero is some one who has love.