Wilshire Notes

All Things Suzuki at Wilshire Elementary

Spring Schedule

There are many exciting events coming up after spring break that we would like to share with you!

Achievement Performances: On April 3rd, each student from kinder through 6th grade will be performing for a group of district Suzuki teachers in Mrs. Pugh's room at their regular specials time.

You will pick the piece you will play with your private teacher and come to school on the 3rd dressed in your purple Suzuki performance shirt-and please remember to bring your instrument! It's a Monday, so that might be tricky if you aren't used to bringing it on Mondays!

We will need a few parent volunteers to help us bring kids down to perform, but otherwise parents are welcome but not required to attend.

ArtsFest: Early book one students and fine tuners will be performing at the Bedford Arts Fest at Bedford Boys Ranch between 10:00 am and noon. This event is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th. Dress is the purple Suzuki shirt and black pants.

Solo Recital: April 10th we will have a photographer here at 3:00 to take a group Suzuki picture in the cafeteria. Dress for the group picture is purple shirt and black performance pants. After the picture there will be two solo recitals, one at 3:45 and one at 5:45, and each student that isn't giving a book recital this year is expected to perform one piece for their peers and all the parents. You may perform in the Suzuki uniform, or you may dress up. The photographer will also stay until around 5:00 to do family or individual portraits, with instruments or without.

Spring Festival: Kaleidoscope graduation and Spring Festival have joined together this year! Your teacher will be giving you more information soon! Spring Festival is for mid- book 1 students and up.

Trophy Festival- Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of the students that participated in Trophy Festival on Saturday, February 25th! It was fun to listen to kids and see all of you ready to play well and dressed in your best!

Shutdown Dates for Testing

Each year in the spring there are a few days when Suzuki must shutdown for district testing. Here are the dates we know about right now.

March 7th

March 28

March 29

April 4

May 8

May 9

May 10

Because of the number of students that miss lessons on those days, we cannot offer makeup lessons for all days. If your student misses two weeks in a row or more, please check with us to see if we can fit in an extra.

Progress Reports

This week 4th 6 weeks progress reports will be handed out in student lessons. These are a way for us to make sure students are on track in meeting their goals and allow for adjustments in practice if needed. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a conference if you would like to discuss any midyear concerns.