Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

February 16th - 19th

Greetings Everyone!

We had a very busy week this past week with a good deal of extracurricular events going on. The class loved their High Touch High Tech session with Mr. C. He was very complimentary of our class. Thank you to everyone who made it out to STEAM night. It was a huge success and just gets better each year.

Our PTA is hosting the Jackson Jam again next month on the 18th. Thank you to those of you who have already volunteered. You will find information about ordering wristbands in the Friday Folder sent home on the 12th.

Also in the Friday Folder, you will find a Title I survey. We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill the survey out and return it Tuesday.

Midterm progress reports are in the Friday Folder. Please sign and return the report to me on Tuesday.

Thanks to the Eaton/Bulluck family for sending in the Band-Aids! We appreciate it!

Thank you to everyone who sent in the Box Tops this week. It's going to be a tight race!

Don't forget that Monday the 15th is a student holiday! Enjoy the day off...after our busy week this past week, you deserve it.

Here's a look at next week...

In math next week, we will continue our study of volume. The students have learned how to calculate basic volume of regularly shaped rectangular prisms already. We will move onto composite volume over the next four days. This is a tricky skill. Think of two shoe boxes, one stacked on the other at a right angle. The daily grade for the volume skill will be February 23rd.

In science, we begin our investigation of chemicals changes with several hands-on activities. The students will learn about the triggers that cause chemical changes. There will be a lab experiment in this part of our unit that will count as a test grade.

In social studies, we will begin chapter eight by learning about the events that led up to World War II. A note about this unit… We will be learning about the Holocaust and the treatment of the Jewish people in the concentration camps. It is a sensitive topic that is part of our curriculum. Please talk to your son or daughter about displaying the proper sense of respect and maturity during our study of this time.

In Mrs. Blankenship’s ELA class, the students will begin a unit of study where they look at several books on a given topic within the same genre. She will be using non-fiction based social studies books. Students are invited to share titles of books from their personal reading that will also support the skill. A daily grade on this skill will be given the week of February 26th. Please also note that the nightly homework of reading/documenting 30 minutes is a standing assignment Monday-Thursday. Front Row Reading is typically assigned once per week. If your child does not have internet access, they may use a school laptop to work on the homework during bus call.

A new skill covering writing a narrative based on a given text will be the students’ new focus. The students will read the passage and prepare a written response by relying on the provided information and responding to a prompt. Mrs. Blankenship will model this skill over the course of several days. The students will be completing a practice packet that has a similar format to the daily grade that will be given the week of March 11th. She expects that the previous writing skills that they have covered in class (ex. planning, editing, sensory language) will be demonstrated with this new skill.

The students will also continue working on a poem based on the Great Depression. This is part of a graded assignment for my social studies class. The students will need to either draw or bring in a picture reflecting their poem. If your child accesses the internet for this picture, Mrs. Blankenship has instructed him/her to go through the Gwinnett County Media Research link provided in their eClass. She has specifically instructed the students to not "Google" an image since the appropriateness of the image cannot be guaranteed.

The students will be introduced to the proper use of the semicolon. This is an easy skill to master, so Mrs. Blankenship is hopeful that the DG can be given Friday, February 19th.

The students have finished assessing all roots for this marking period. The next spelling grade will come from the final copy of the narrative writing grade that will be given the week of March 11th. Students are expected to be able to recall the meanings of all roots studied this year, so a regular review is encouraged. All roots are on Quizlet.

Important Dates

February 15th - Student Holiday

February 24th and 25th - Early Release for Conferences

March 11th - Student/Teacher Holiday - Weather Make up #2

March 18th - Jackson Jam

March 25th - Report Cards Sent Home

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw