Marissa Devault

Chris Pierce

What happened

Marissa Devault went on trial for the murder of her husband. She told police officers that the reason she killed her husband was in self-defense. Her husband, Harrell, suffered severe blunt force head injuries (weapon was a hammer) and died two weeks later.


1. Cast off from hammer

2. The medium velocity, the person who did it would be covered in blood.

3. Passive stains

4. Fingerprints on the hammer

5. DNA from the suspect and victim

6. Hair attached to the hammer

Self-defense or murder?

I believe it was murder. She needed the life insurance money to get out of debt. If he was sexually assaulting her she would've acted before this. She also would've acted more rationally instead of brutally assaulting her husband with a hammer. Also the evidence suggested he was asleep during the attack.