Korean Krill

The BEST Korean Restaurant! Come and eat!

Our restaurant is the best, once you get a taste of our food, you'll NEVER want to LEAVE

We serve all types of Korean Dishes, you'll love what we have. Ooh! Don't forget the desserts, they will make you mouth watery. >_<

Try out these Korean Delicious dishes & Desserts!

Come to Korean Krill Restaurant!

Come to Korean Krill because this has the best Korean foods, that you'll love and enjoy very much. We also have Karaoke nights on Friday-Saturday from 9pm-12:30am, you can always requst any K-pop song or any traditional music. Also, there will be K-pop idols that come and take pictures with you, and you'll play a game and the winner gets a signed Album. ^-^


If you want any reservations, feel free to contact me on my social medias down below! ^^~