Five Minute Tax Return

Do you want to keep your money?

The Problem

Whenever tax season rolls around everyone dreads it. Why? Because of the complexity of filing your taxes. The arguments that break out between couples. No one enjoys it, so no one can argue that it is not a problem. Now the question is, whats the solution?

The Solution

To simplify the Tax Code, which is what causes all this complication. I don't mean simplify it in the ways that congress has in the past which has lead to the Tax Code being over 70,000 pages long as of 2010. Since 2001 there have been over 4500 changes to the Tax Code since 2001, how can the average citizen keep up with that. So, we mean simplify in way that reduces the amount of forms there are to a single form the size of a postcard. This idea would include a flat tax to continue to increase the simplicity of your tax return.

How Can You Help?

Vote for Politicians who support us. It is as simple as that.
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You have better things to do than file a Tax Return.


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