Tech Tools - Box of Chocolates

TC Tech Team Newsletter - February 2022

What's up this month?

Feb. 2 - Groundhog Day -

Feb. 10 - Blocksi Overview via Zoom - Join me for a Blocksi overview and Q & A @ 3:30 PM

Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day and National Clean Out Your Computer Day 💌💻

Feb. 21 - President's Day -

Blocksi - Tips and Resources (Grades 3-12)

Many of you are already using this awesome tool that was purchased to replace LanSchool, but if you are not, you should check it out! This application will allow you to monitor what your students are viewing on their computers. You can share your screen with the students or share one of their screens with the class via your computer. Additionally, you can use the app to freeze your students' computers, which will allow you to quickly get the attention of the class.

This application has so many features that it is hard to go over all of them and some I have yet to check out! I encourage you to use this app if you are not. Explore and if you find a really cool feature share with me.

Feel free to contact me about setting up a training session with you, your department, or school.

I have set up a Zoom Call Feb. 10 @ 3:30 PM for anyone that might want more information about Blocksi. Blocksi Overview via Zoom for TC

Thursday, February 10 · 3:30 – 4:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Blocksi Resources -

TC Training Slides - Includes how to add a coteacher

Blocksi Teacher Hub - Quick Access Resources via Blocksi

Blocksi Teacher Courses

Centegix - Crisis Alert System (NTMS, STMS, & TCHS)

Our district went fully online with the Centegix System Feb. 1. Staff at NTMS, STMS, TCHS, BOE/WA should have received a Centegix badge. The elementary schools will be added to the system next year. Principals or designees have reviewed the process with staff. These should only be used in an EMERGENCY situation. Follow the guidance that has been provided by your admin.

"CENTEGIX empowers staff to react immediately, discreetly and confidently when an incident occurs. The moment an alert is triggered, our CrisisAlert™ solution provides critical and clear information to all impacted personnel — anywhere on the premises — ensuring staff is prepared to respond to any situation" - Centegix

EdTech Tools Are Like a Box of Chocolates

As I was thinking about EdTech and Valentine's Day, I found this background that put it all together for me. Thank goodness for the good ole quote from Forrest Gump -

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” - Forrest Gump

When I saw this background, that is where my mind immediately went. Yes...I know that is a little weird, but what more would you guys expect from me? I am always looking for a good way to help me see things from a different perspective...but really chocolate? Well, why not? Think about a box of many different combinations and flavors. I prefer the dark chocolate with nuts or coconut. My husband prefers the milk chocolate with caramel. I could go on and on, but the point is every one of us will look to find the chocolate that best suits our likes.

I see EdTech Tools as finding the right piece of chocolate for our classroom activities. Sometimes we need a gaming format. Other times we need something that uses a visual or video to explain a concept. We may just need a way to quickly assess student understanding. It all depends on the objective of the lesson.

Different instructional objectives call for different tools. Will we always get it right the first time? Absolutely NOT!!!! Just like the chocolate, we start with what we think is the best fit, but we may find when we bite into it that we need to try a different piece. The one thing to always remember is to start with the objective and find the tool to support it. When you find the right EdTech tool, amazing learning can take place. So when you find the right piece of chocolate (EdTech Tool), celebrate and share with your neighbor.