Winn Soccer Girls.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

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We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song] (Olodum Mix)


The requirements to get into Junior Varsity or Varsity Girls Soccer Team is joining the athletics girl class (4th period). You get in shape and practice all the skills and techniques of soccer! You also have to attend tryouts in the last weeks of November in order to get in the team and play when the season starts in December.

-Lorena Aldape


  • No jewelry.
  • No piercings in skin.
  • No bobby-pins.
  • Have uniform everyday.
  • Own cleats & a soccer ball.
  • Hair up.
  • Obey coaches.
  • Be on time.

-Denisse Vasquez

How to play.

  • Learn how to dribble. Dribbling is controlling the ball while running. If you want to keep the ball in your team's possession, you're going to need to dribble well. Dribbling is all about touching the ball strong enough to carry it forward, but light enough so that it stays by your side.
  • Learn how to pass. Passing is all about putting the ball exactly where you want it. In order to pass a soccer ball, kick the ball using the inside of your foot
  • Know how to shoot. If you're really close to the goal and all you need is accuracy, you can shoot using the sweet spot of the inside of your shoe, like a pass, but usually, you're going to be farther away and will need power as well as accuracy,of course.
  • Think about moving off the ball. Some estimates say that professional soccer players run 6 to 8 miles during a 90 minute game
  • Learn how to defend. Defending the goal is an underrated achievement. It can be extremely difficult staying on your man or getting the ball away from your man. There are three basic things that you need to remember when guarding a player in soccer

Brianna Barrientos

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" Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the coaches who have pushed you, is a little girl who feel in love with the game and never looked back... Play for her."

-Mia Hamm.

Junior Varsity Soccer Girls.

  1. Brianna Barrientos.
  2. Cassandra Elias.
  3. Julia Escalante.
  4. Priscila Fuentes.
  5. Shaila Gamez.
  6. Chelsea Garcia.
  7. Nayeli Garcia.
  8. Stephanie Hernandez.
  9. Dominique Ibarra.
  10. Alejandra Limon.
  11. Andrea Martinez.
  12. Brianna Nicole Martinez.
  13. Deborah Montoya.
  14. Caro Perales.

- Denisse Vasques

Varsity Soccer Girls.

  1. Mariana Balderas.
  2. Elizabeth Barba.
  3. Chelsea Garcia.
  4. Iliana Garza.
  5. Diana Dii Gonzalez.
  6. Prisica Gonzalez.
  7. Nancy Martinez.
  8. Margie Ibarra.
  9. Jocelyn Lopez.
  10. Roxanna Tana Lopez.
  11. Jackie Ortiz.
  12. Amairany Romero.
  13. Ivana Rodriguez.
  14. Yulissa Rodriguez.
  15. Marbella Rosas.

- Jose Balderas

C.C Winn High School Lady Mavericks Soccer Schedule.

Date: --- Opponent: --------- Site: --------------------------------------- Time:

Dec. 27 - Uvalde. ------------- Uvalde. ----------------------------------- 9 am

Jan. 3 - EPHS. ------------------ EPISD SAC ------------------------------- 9 am

Jan. 08/11 - Laredo. ---------- Border Olympics Tournaments. --- TBA

Jan. 16/18 - Corpus Christi. - Corpus Christi Tournaments. ----- TBA

Jan. 23 - EPHS. ----------------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30

Jan. 27 - Southside SA. ------- Southside HS -------------------------- 6JV/7;30V

Jan. 30 - Medina Valley. ------ Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. - 6JV/7:30V

Feb. 3 - Uvalde. ---------------- Uvalde HS. ------------------------------ 5:30/7:00

Feb. 6 - Cigarroa. -------------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30V

Feb. 10 - Martin. --------------- Laredo Shirley. ------------------------ 6JV/7:30V

Feb. 13 - Nixon. ---------------- Laredo Memorial. --------------------- 6JV/7:30V

Feb. 18 - Somerset. ----------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV

Feb. 21 - Southside SA ------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30V

Feb. 24 - Medina Valley. ----- Medina Valley HS. --------------------- 5:30/7:30.

Feb. 27 - Uvalde. --------------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30V

Mar. 3 - Cigarroa. -------------- Laredo Kawas. ------------------------- 6JV/7:30V

Mar. 6 - Martin. ---------------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30V

Mar. 18 - Nixon. ---------------- Cozel Foster Memorial Stadium. -- 6JV/7:30V
Mar. 20 - Somerset. ----------- Somerset HS. --------------------------- 6JV

-Lorena Aldape & Brianna Barrientos

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Hope Solo

Hope Solo is a american soccer goalkeeper who was born in July 30, 1981. She played professionally for the Philadelphia Charge in the Women's United Soccer Association, she traveled to Europe to play for the top division leagues in Sweden and France. From 2009 to 2011, Solo is regarded as one of the top goalkeepers in the world,and currently holds the U.S. record for most career shutouts. She currently plays for Seattle Reign.

Jose A. Balderas

The History of FIFA

FIFA is the international governing body of association football. It is one of the world's oldest and largest NGOs, being founded on May 21,1904. It has since expanded to include 208 member associations. The first official match between representatives of two nations was between England and Scotland in 1872 at Hamilton Crescent , Partick Glasgow , finishing in a 0–0 draw. The following year at The Oval , England enjoyed a 4–2 victory over the travelling Scots. This was followed by the creation of the world's second national football association, the Scottish Football Association in 1873. Previously the Football Association had been the world's only governing body, though codified football was being played only in the United Kingdom at this stage.

Denisse Vazquez

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Soccer Field.

Football pitch (also known as a football field or soccer field) is the playing surface for the game of football (also know as Soccer). Its dimensions and markings are defined by Law 1 of the Laws of the Game. "The Field of Play".

The pitch is rectangular in shape. The longer sides are called touchlines. The other opposing sides are called the goal lines. The two goal lines must be between 45 and 90 m (50 and 100 yd) and be the same length.

Goals are placed at the centre of each goal-line. These consist of two upright posts placed equidistant from the corner flagposts, joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. The inner edges of the posts must be 7.32 metres (8 yd) apart, and the lower edge of the crossbar must be 2.44 metres (8 ft) above the ground. Nets are usually placed behind the goal, though are not required by the Laws.

The centre circle is marked at 9.15 metres (10 yd) from the centre spot. Similar to the penalty arc, this indicates the minimum distance that opposing players must keep at kick-offl; the ball itself is placed on the centre spot. During penalty shootouts all players other than the two goalkeepers and the current kicker are required to remain within this circle.

Grass is the normal surface of play, although artificial turf may sometimes be used especially in locations where maintenance of grass may be difficult due to inclement weather. This may include areas where it is very wet, causing the grass to deteriorate rapidly; where it is very dry, causing the grass to die; and where the turf is under heavy use. Artificial turf pitches are also increasingly common due to the amount of snow during the winter months.

Lorena Aldape

Possible soccer injuries!

Ankle Sprain-The most common of all ankle injuries, an ankle sprain occurs when there is a stretching and tearing of ligaments surrounding the ankle joint.

Muscle Cramps-A cramp is a sudden, intense pain caused by a muscle involuntary and forcibly contracting muscle that does not relax. Similar to, but not the same as a Side Stitch.

Blisters-Blisters are fluid-filled sacks on the surface of the skin that commonly occurs on the hands, or the feet.

Shin Splits-Shin Splints describes a variety of generalized pain that occurs in the front of the lower leg along the tibia (shin bone). Shin Splints are considered a cumulative stress injury.

Torn Knee Cartilage-Torn knee cartilage is usually a torn meniscus. These small, "c" shaped pieces of cartilage act as cushions between the thigh bone (femur) and the tibia (shin bone). Meniscus tears are often the result of twisting, pivoting, decelerating, or a sudden impact.

-Brianna Barrientos