Google Drawing


Google Drawing is like a blank canvas. You can create a class poster, add text to clip art, and do a little bit of everything with Google Drawing.
Using Google Drawings in Education

Classroom Integration Ideas

  • KWL chart - create the template. In Canvas, set up a Google Cloud Assignment to push this chart out to your class. It will copy the file to their Google Drive folder and allow you to use the template in the future.
  • Sorting activity - T Chart template. Example: After studying mammals in class, create a T Chart in a Google Drawing with Mammals on one side and Non-Mammals on the other side. Have images of mammals at the bottom of the page that students would then have to to the correct column. Take it one step further and have them find additional images to add to the chart.
  • Brain Maps - Create template for brain maps that can be shared with your students digitally.
  • Digital anchor charts to be shared via Canvas or teacher website.