Cooke's Corner

Eastlake Middle School 5.7.18

The Week at a Glance


Happy Teachers Week! We are fortunate to have an amazing group of teachers here at Eastlake Middle School. On behalf of our students and community, we thank you for the great work you have done to make a positive impact of young people. We have a lot of fun events planned. Here is the week at a glance:

1. Teacher Celebration. Let's have fun...

Monday -- Come out to the library starting at 7:30 for a breakfast burrito! Great way to start off the week. At lunch, come out for the Rock-Paper-Scissor contest.

Tuesday -- Check your boxes for a nice gift from all of us. Join us at lunch for the 3-Point and Free Throw contest.

Wednesday -- Come out for coffee in the teacher's lounge. It's the Lip Synch battle at the steps at lunch.

Thursday -- The front office staff has a little surprise planned for you. It's full lunch that day. That means... kick ball! Come join us on the PE fields.

Friday -- Come out to the pavilion after school for a great lunch provided by the PTSO (Pizzo's!).

2. By now, your department should have started discussion about master schedule placement and/or completed the matrix. We will start the skeleton of the master schedule this Monday for discussion at FAC.

3. FAC meets this Tuesday. Let your reps know of any concerns.

4. Please recommend awesome 7th graders to serve as orientation leaders next year. We need your support in picking a diverse group of leaders. Make sure you fill out the recommendation sheet and give it to Molly Bulwa.

5. Starting this week, I will be meeting with each of you individually for an "exit" interview. I want to know how your year went, what we can do to make it better and ultimately, I want to know that you are always moving toward your legacy statement. If you will not be in your classroom during your prep, please let us know.

6. I am planning one last hike. Details coming.

Teachers... you are the heart of the education process. We are proud of you and grateful for your dedication to young people.

Our Students!

Most Improved and Tritons of the Week

It was an honor recognizing our great students for promoting the Triton spirit.
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Mother's Day Celebration!

Thank you Mrs. Marquez for putting together a beautiful ceremony for our parents!
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Eastlake Education Foundation

Thank you everyone who participated. Way to go Johnston Family having top finishers!
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Unified Sports

Thank you Mr. Legg for coaching our kids during this tremendous event. Absolutely amazing. Loved watching all of our students working together to accomplish a goal.
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Volleyball at Work!

Our teams did a great job competing this weekend.
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Your Legacy

Your Growth

As you get ready for the summer, I want to encourage you to start thinking of some amazing enrichment opportunities out there. I am an ambassador for the Fulbright Teacher Exchange and National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar. There are tons of great opportunities for teachers and are free. Just need a little google time!

What Teachers Make...