Student Advisory Council

Teens Leading Teens

The S.A.C. Legacy

S.A.C. is not just another failing student council. S.A.C. is a legacy, a legacy that I hope will be carried on for generations. Sheryl Sandberg said that, "Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absences".

Mission Statement: Student Advisory Council is dedicated to lead by serving and strives to make an impact in, not only in the halls of Pierce County High School, but out community.

Over the Year...

Community Service Projects:

  • Volunteered at the public library for the Summer Reading Program
  • Volunteered at the Sycamore Tree (Folded clothes and moved items)
  • Wrapped gifts for needy families with the Sycamore Tree
  • Photographed and volunteered at the First Annual Blue and Silver run
  • Volunteered to help at the Spirit of Liberty 5K.
  • Teach middle school kids from Brantley, Pierce, and Ware to ballroom dance.

Special Projects and Fundraisers:

  • Erin Davis Spaghetti Fundraiser
  • Sound Of Silver ad sales
  • Yearbook ad sales
  • Marching the Martin Luther King Day Parade
  • Helping at the Fast Start band program
  • Volunteering with the PCMS Blue Wave Band
  • Organizing Red Thumb Day
  • Participating in Homecoming and Christmas dress up days
  • B.E.A.R. reader

Veteran's Out Pour

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 11am

Blackshear Train Depo

Veteran's Out Pour, my senior service project, will not only bring the students body to recognize Veteran's Day and it's meaning, but it will involve them. Veteran's have voiced their concerns and wants, and they have said they want the young people of our community to celebrate with them.

On November 11, 2015 around the time of 10:30am - 12:30pm the entire senior class needs to be at the Blackshear Train Depo. There the Sound of Silver band will play, and student will sing a song or two, and the senior class will be among the community's verteran.

It will take me roughly three months(August-November) to plan the event with the help of the Blackshear Mayor and City Manager, Mrs. Dara Bennett, and Mr.Chad Nimmer.

Growth as a Leader

Over the past year I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Student Advisory Council, assume a leadership role in my youth group, work for cotillion, the newspaper ,and In The Game magazine, and hold the following positions in band: color guard co-captain, publicist, and vice president. Each of these roles required me to go step up and out of my comfort zone and become a leader. Going into this year I was a “ripe” leader. I was insecure about my ability to lead other teens, I struggled with speaking up, and had little understanding of the true meaning of being a leader or how to accomplish tasks. As the year progressed I underwent trials and failed a time or two. Other times I was successful. Despite what happened I was able to learn from it. Now, I am confident in myself and leadership abilities. I have grown as a speaker, thinker, and doer. I realize the responsibilities that come with any role, and I am fortunate enough to have a better understanding of people. Though I have grown a substantial amount I still have a long way to go.