Inca's vacation

by logan powers

the incas

have you wanted to see some cool stuff? come see the Incas in the mountains they have some cool things. I will show you some cool thing and tell you.

about the Incas


The Incas had a very unique medical system, they used a plant called quinine. it healed the flu and fever. Also they did the first version of brain surgery. If you fell they would cut apart of you skull and take it out untell your brain is don swelling.


there farming was like the Chinese. They cut terraces into the mountain and let the water flow from point a to point b.

road sytem

They created a very bi road system like we did. There was 14,000 miles of roads that they built. also they used quipus which I will tell you about them later, but they had a version or the pony express.


they used quipus for writing, and it is notes on a string that mean many words.

class structure

there are 2 levels and they are the nobles and commoners. the nobles are the kings and they control the government. the commoners are fishers and hunters, stuff like that.


they had a strong army but they had swords,shields, and bows. when the spanish came around they were crushed.

want to come?

now that you know about the Incas you should come see the places were they lived. its only a 100$ vacation!