Walk Two Moons

Sharon Creech


In the book Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, a young girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle takes a road trip with her grandparents. While exploring the country, she tells about her friendship with a peculiar girl named Phoebe Winterbottom. Phoebe and Sal's adventure unravels from there in this emotional story of love and loss.


Characters in the novel misjudge people because they fail to "walk two moons in their moccasins." These misjudgments were later proven wrong.

Mrs. Cadaver

Mrs. Cadaver, Phoebe and Sal's next-door neighbor, was probably the most misjudged character. Phoebe and Sal regard her as witchly and ominous.

"'Do you know what I think? I think maybe she killed Mr. Cadaver and chopped him up and buried him in the backyard.'" (Pg. 32)

Phoebe thought that Mrs. Cadaver murdered her husband and disposed of him in her backyard. It was later revealed that Mrs. Cadaver's husband died in a car crash.

"Maybe this is really why he was happy, I thought, or maybe it was because he could be alone with Margaret Cadaver." (Pg. 18)

Sal was sort-of jealous of Mrs. Cadaver. She thought that if Mrs. Cadaver and Sal's dad started to love each other, then her dad would forget about her mom.

It was later revealed that Sal's dad stayed close to Mrs. Cadaver because she was with Sal's mom when she died.

Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle, a.k.a., the lunatic, often wandered around everywhere Phoebe and Sal went. Phoebe often thought that he would pull a knife or a gun on them and kill them.

"And then he left. He just turned around, walked slowly down the porch steps and on down the street. We waited until he had turned the corner before we left. We ran all the way to Mary Lou's. Phoebe was certain that the young man was going to ambush us. Honestly. Like I said, she has a vivid imagination." (Pg. 45)

This was right after Phoebe and Sal met the lunatic for the first time. Phoebe thinks that at any time, the lunatic was going to murder them. It was later revealed that the lunatic, (Mike Bickle), was really just looking for his mother, (Mrs. Winterbottom).

"'What's the matter?' he said. He slipped one hand into his pocket." (Pg. 118)

Phoebe thought that he was about to pull out a knife and kill them. As Mrs. Winterbottom's son, he wouldn't have done that, and was just trying to talk to them or trying to reach Mrs. Winterbottom.

Mrs. Winterbottom

Throughout the book, Sal and Phoebe made accusations about Mrs. Winterbottom that were not true.

"'Maybe we should call the police,' Phoebe said. 'I think she was kidnapped or something.'" (Pg. 127)

Throughout the following chapters, Phoebe is being torn apart because of the "kidnapping" of her mother. Near the end of the book, it is revealed that Mrs. Winterbottom went to go pick up her son and bring him back.

"'Who knows? I'm sick of it. My mother can stay there for all I care. She doesn't need me, she doesn't need any of us.'" (Pg. 240)

This was right after Phoebe and Sal saw Mrs. Winterbottom kissing the lunatic. Phoebe had no idea that the lunatic was her mom's son. It was later revealed that he was, though.


In this book, many side characters are judged by Sal and Phoebe. Sometimes out of fear, and other times to cope with the truth. The characters that were judged in this book include: Mrs. Cadaver, Mike Bickle, and Mrs. Winterbottom. All of these judgements were proved wrong at the end of the novel, which altered Phoebe and Sal's perspective of these characters.