What's going on?

The weekly recap of all things Northern Terrace

Roommate Agreements

We are currently at a 93.6% completion rate for roommate agreements! It is my hope that by having established ground rules or "norms" for your room, that conflicts will be less likely to occur in the future. When conflicts do occur, we have the roommate agreement to use as a guide in that conversation. If you have yet to complete your roommate agreement, please do as soon as possible as we need to reach 100% completion!


There has been a significant amount of personal trash left in our common areas (kitchens, laundry rooms, etc.). Any personal trash from your room must be directly taken to the dumpster located directly in the back left of the building. Any personal trash that is found in the common areas may result in judicial sanctions and fines.

Upcoming Events

Cincinnati Reds v. New York Mets

Friday, Sep. 25th, 6pm

100 100 Joe Nuxhall Way

Cincinnati, OH

Join us on Friday to see the Cincinnati Red's play the New York Mets at 7:10pm. We'll be meeting at the Kentucky Hall Lobby at 6:00pm to catch the Tank Bus to the game. You must have reserved tickets through a previous e-mail to attend.

Sponsored by Amanda Zepeda, second floor RA and the Association of Campus Residents

Sweet Treats

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 8pm

3rd Floor Kitchen - Northern Terrace

Highland Heights, KY

Can you believe we are six weeks into the semester? Residents of the third floor are invited to the kitchen to bake up some sweet treats and catch up after a busy first six weeks!

Sponsored by Zoë Welch, Third Floor RA
Have a good idea for an event you'd like to see? Talk to your RA about your ideas and help them put together a fun event for the building!


On September 25, 1977 - about 4,200 people ran the first marathon for what city?

** The first person to e-mail me back with the correct answer and the first person to stop by my office (NT 100) with the correct answer will get a prize next week!**