Sydney Bowman

Ceramics 1

Nature's Coils

I created this piece to show my love of nature through my art. I had a few problems toward the end though. The grass was difficult to attach and four peices of it ended up breaking off when it fired. These pieces that broke were thankfully all on one side so the side shown is the good one, so if I could do anything differently I would definitely attach the grass better.

Rendition of the Red Legged Honeycreeper

I created this piece to make a functional mug but at the same time make it unique where it almost doesn't look like a mug. In doing this I chose to create a bird head to show my love of birds. During this project I did not have many problems until glazing. The colors were limited and not what they were said to be, so instead of black it came out brown on the beak and around the eyes. It turned out to be not what I expected but it has grown on me and I like it alot, maybe even better than having black parts. Now that I got a second coat of glaze, which looks great, I don't really think I would do much different. I love this piece. (final glaze isn't pictured)

Art Critique of 'John Deweese Pottery'

This piece is a vase with a detailed handle, it is manely grey but has brownish touches in the handle. This piece deffinately shows the elements of color/perspective, line, and form. The color and perspective are tied together by the color changing from grey to black in the opening which creates a feeling of depth. Form is shown through the whole piece with it being 3D and through the intricate lines of the vase and handle. The priciples prominent in the piece would be unity, emphasis, and balance. Unity and balance are shown by having this very intricate, detailed handle and keeping the colors almost the same and neutral throughout so it is not overwhelming. Emphasis is put on the handle with it being very detailed and the vase is very simple when compared. I think the piece shows that even when something seems dull it can actually be very complicated and intricate, something might be refering to a person. This piece is a good successful piece because it is simple yet very detailed and intricate, it shows alot of contrast yet it is all about the same color.

Art Critique of Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild Sculpture 'Free'

This sculpture is of an a man, I am guessing African American and he is depressed looking. This piece shows the elements of form, color and perspective. Form is shown by it being 3D and its shape as a human. The whole sculpture is one color which makes you look for the depth and expression through perspective. The principles shown are proportion and balance, because it is proportional and visually stable. I think this piece is from the period of racial segregation, and it is saying that free isn't really free, because even though the were free they still werent equal to whites and were still treated horribly so this expresses an African American at that time. This is a good successful artwork because it expresses the feelings of an African American at that time very well, because of the stance and looking down you can instantly tell he is depressed/sad.