Final Exam

Internet Privacy

Advantages of having privacy:

1. Random people can not see your personal information

2. It makes you feel more secure about your private information

Disadvantages of having privacy:

1. Sometimes you can get to much privacy and it just gets in the way.

2. some people want to share everything with the world and privacy can stop that

People should always keep credit card information private, social security, and where they live.

If someone was talking about another person badly online their reputation would probably show that they are a cruel person.

Cyber Bullying

What is cyber bullying? Cyber bullying is when someone bully online.

Cyber bullying usually escalates usually by multiple people.

To de-escalate a situation they can tell someone or talk to an adult.

These companies are trying to draw you in by their quotes and who they sponsor to buy their equipment.

The advertiser is trying to attract young people and people that are active or people who love shoes.

Body image and the media

Yes i do find it wrong to have magazines change a lady to something shes not and telling people to be like her even though she isn't even like the picture on the magazine. These people may follow these tips and get nothing out of it and just waste their money on things they don't need and don't tell the truth.

Violence in the media

In real life when a catastrophic event happens yes people are hurt and is a time of weeping but they do not recover quickly. they take time to recover from the event or events that happen in their lives. so this effect children in a bad way by letting them thing that bad things are okay and they should just recover fast.

I do not agree with this statement. ones that kill from these are either obsessed or have a disorder that influences this. But i do not think it influences people to kill, if anything it teaches people what not to do and is possibly a bad influence.

Media Usage

If i had to give one of those up it would show that my live is filled with technology and i wouldn't be able to live without it. It would be hard to give up because i like to play video games and use computers to help me with school.

Yes I do feel like teens have to present them self's differently online then they do in person. because online people see 24/7 and they only see the real you half of the time so most people will think the real you is the online version they see. Also i do think girls present them self's differently then guys do online. Because girls are more cruel then guys so they have to be careful on how they present themselves.