Ordinance that helped our country!

Land & Northwest Ordinance of 1785 & 1787

Land Ordinance

The Land ordinance was divided into two townships. Each township had 6 miles per square and in each one had 36 equal sections of 640 acres called sections. Four of these sections were reserved for the united States government. This meaning that 31 of the sections would be sold for $1 each. this was a very fair democratic way and it worked out good. They also needed space for Education so they left section 16 in each township for education purposes. As you see it was a fair way to split up everything so everyone had an equal part to their share.

Northwest Ordinance

Northwest was said to be a method by which the territory was to be govern and procedures established for the admission of new states. The land was divided into 3 to 5 states. Their were 3 steps in becoming a state. The first one is the congress would appoint a territorial governor and judges. The second step was once a territory had over 5.000 residents that could vote then the state could make a constitution to elect Governor. The third one is once a territory reached 60,000 residents it could right a state constitution to submit to congress for approval. Slavery was forbidden in this land and they encouraged public education.

Articles of Confederation

The Article of Confederation was written by John Dickinson and this was suppose to be the new government. It was a good impact on the country. It was sent to the states for ratification and they ended up having authority and it helped organize independent states. Congress did adopt it but they put it to good use.