By: Grace Laflen


I am a very loyal person. My friends and I have a very trust-based relationship. I think it is very important to be loyal to people who treat you correctly because they will be there for you and they will make lifelong friends.


I am very observant and I like looking further into situations. New opportunities are very exciting to me and I enjoy trying to find solutions to complex problems. I have a tendency to want to find new things to do, and I get bored very easily.
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I am very energetic and I have a hard time holding back. I tend to speak my mind about almost everything and I occasionally do not think before I speak. I am very passionate about my hobbies and interests and I have a hard time not having anything to do.


I am very compassionate. I do not like to see others suffering and I tend to take their problems into my own hands. I feel like a mother almost to all of my friends and I like giving advice to them to help them in decisions.
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Myers-Briggs Personality Results

For my personality results, I received 25% extroverted, 82% intuitive, 46% feeling, 35% prospecting, and 86% turbulent. I prefer being in small groups, and I focus on ideas and fantasies. I am sensitive and open minded, yet I care what others think.