First Grade News

Summer Edition

Cross-Content Summer Activities

Reading Over the Summer

Make a plan to read over the summer. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Accessing Books over the Summer

Help students discover different ways to get access to books:

Writing Over the Summer

Make a plan for writing over the summer. Set some goals and share them with your family and/or teacher.

  • Create and decorate a summer daily journal to brainstorm ideas and write drafts.

  • Create a scrapbook or photo album of your travels over the summer (even if it is just for ice cream or fast food).

  • Think about how you can send thank you notes to people in your community.

  • Write a graphic novel or comic about a summer adventure. Here is a template to consider.

  • Create a restaurant menu with mouthwatering descriptions of your favorite food.

  • Continue to research topics of choice

Math Over the Summer

Youcubed at Home "to help students at home continue to explore and learn maths in rich and creative ways"

Bedtime Math

1st Grade Math at Home