Maddie Trout, Erika Lozano, Litian Zhu and Kylie Mohler

Back in the Day


Art in the 1950s was bold, bright and very commercialized. There was an obvious love of color. That color, vibrancy and idealism was what primed America for Pop Art that had already begin at the start of the 1950s in Britain but would not make it across the pound until the mid-1950s and would not flourish till the 1960s.



Fashion within the 1950's was very classy yet scandalous. The 1950's was the decade were people would still be very modest about their clothing but it's also the time when they began to branch out from the modest look. Women bang to show more skin (as did men). More bling was being worn. The 1950's was a time when both men and women decided to expand their horizon into the fashion world. People became more "out there" with their clothing choices and designers became more and more popular.


The 1950's were a time of changes, the music of the decade both reflected the cultural changes that were happening while still holding on the societal norms of the past. While music was developing, technology was also changing. In the late 1940's and early 1950's, phonograph records were large and heavy and easily damaged. In the 1950's, records began to change with the development of new technology that led to both the 33 rpm record and the 45 rpm record. The advantage of the new technology was that more musical information could be put on a record, and it was of higher technical quality.

"Hound Dog" 1956

By Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Hound Dog 1956

The American Dream

The 1950s gave birth to the classic American Dream were in everybody could own their own home with a white pick-it fence. With WWII over America was coming back to together and the American people seemed to feel they were moving quickly toward a bright future. Or at lest they wanted to, there was a fair amount of fear of the future and some people back then (just as there are some now) seemed to despise the thought of change and feared openness to be a weakness and ultimately a down fall. But the youth had been working on building a sub-culture of its own for the past few decade and the 50s was the time it really took root. Changes with technology and the youth aloud the culture of the American populations to take leaps and bounds that in the coming decades would help breed understand, diversity as well as equality.